On The Tundra

On The Tundra

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

On the Tundra is an instrumental indie rock band from Eugene, OR. Their music has been described as creative pop mixed with darker expression.


Mark Leahey, formerly of The Sights from Detroit, MI founded On The Tundra along with Dave Kreibel, Nic Gusset, and Casey Izdepski. There is a revolving cast of other members who they play with at different times.

On the Tundra's first album was recorded in June of 2009. “Electric Walls,” got its name from the annoying rehearsal room walls that sometimes shock the band members.

Their influences range from Do Make Say Think, Mogwai, Godspeed, and Built to Spill.


Electric Walls 2009

Set List

The Axe
Down Again
Song 13
Route Grape/Warhammer
One Day in November
Annabel Lee
A Week Down The Drain
Belly Paintings

Sperm Whales
Long Long Long
Bamboo Panda