On the Victrola

On the Victrola


On the Victrola is a powerful group of entertainers who all own the stage when they perform. Their melodic hard driving music makes them stand out from all others in their genre. With pop influenced vocals and hooks that will leave you singing along for days, OTV is sure to take the world by storm.


On the Victrola is an Emo/Powerpop band from Staten Island, New York. All of their songs have diverse characteristics that set them apart from each other. From hard rock breakdowns to serene and ambient interludes On the Victrola is making their mark in the music scene. Our influences range from The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Queen, to more contemporary acts such as The Starting Line, The Used, and Death Cab for Cutie. Our versatility sets up apart from other bands in our genre. Our dual vocal arrangement and group harmonies give our band a full sound. The lyrics are honest and emotional, and sung with extreme passion. Our live show is is more than just a band playing. When we play it is truly a show. With a prop littered stage, and a set list that seems to tell a story, OTV interacts with the crowd and holds their attention from start to finish and leaves them wanting more. Coming from the suburban borough of Staten Island, New York where the music scene is weak, 5 young men struggled to make a difference and a name for themselves. We have put everything into our music. All of our time and hearts went into putting this band together and we won't stop until we can make music for a living.


The Best Bad Habit

Written By: Brett Thomas

And as I walk away today, the look of guilt’s upon your face.
I’ve learned of your clandestine ways.
Got rid of him, and off with you. Fed up with all those things you do
That make me wonder where you are.

But now I know you well enough to understand you never loved me.
Something told me all along and that’s why I was never trusting.
Well maybe if you’d told me than that your true desires lied with him
Than I would not have fallen (than I would not have fallen)

But now we’re here and I’m glad that it’s all over.
All the lies and secrets they have disappeared
Along with you. Dare I say it’s to my advantage?
Another week, another month, away from you.

And when the one you though you knew could turn away and just leave you
Out in the cold and on your knees.
You were just blinded, you were deceived, and you wore your heart out on your sleeve and missed the poison in her kiss.

Too late tonight. Too late to pick the one that you will go home with.
Too late to cry. The night we died is in my past and will not wake.

Why’d you walk away? Why’d you have to say, “Go home”? You were such a waste of time.
I cannot sleep until I know that she is gone and gone for good.
I cannot rest my head upon this pillow we once shared.

It’s hard to watch this chapter crash to bitter ends but now we’re torn and these frayed sleeves we wear you can never mend.
Hard to get used to living here without princess but this habit just like any will be broken in the end.


Written By: Brett Thomas

Two step your way out of denial.
Rewind your guilt shows through that front.
You’re weak and pink as the flesh that you exposed on Sunday afternoons.

Well it only happened once. And yes I’ll scream that from my gut.

You’re about as new as the records you collect.
I said you’re old news. (Old news)
And now it’s time to place a bet.
So since the new moons in my chart.
I’ll break through your ribs straight to your heart.

If nothing else I can always
Serve as a bad example, but
The one who makes mistakes does none of the work.
The one who makes mistakes does none of the work.

Well it only happened once. And yes I’ll scream that from my gut.
Because what only happens once. Is already one time too much.

With visions of redemption. I still walk against the crowd.
Even with your ink on me.

Another Way to Say Goodbye

Written By: Brett Thomas

I'd risk forever to be on your mind. What’s another day?
I told you that Id let you take your time as you walked away.
And optimism it just kept me blind. You said you couldn’t stay.
Now after all the things I’ve said in vain, I’m right when I say.

I belong in this room where I can breathe cuz pictures of you,
Fill my drawers and line my walls. The scent of morning glory still lingers on.

If dying means that I am guaranteed a place in your heart, than Id give up everything I’ve ever built just to be one with you.
Another way to say goodbye. If you’ll just hurry this kiss could be the one to save my life.

Wait for light it breaks through my window as the days fade in and out.
(Days fade in and out)
I carved your name into my bedpost and since you’re asking no I’ve never screamed so loud. (I’ve never screamed so loud)
Wait for light cuz it will determine all the things I need to know. A new day is coming and you may follow so I’ll wait for the sun.

And I cry tears of you and I. Is this the way the summer begins?
There’s endless time to fix the lies that doomed the memories we once shared.

So now before its too late, can you just give me a chance?
Just another way to explain, I called ahead in advance.
But now I’m here to pour out all my feelings for you.
Can you just open the door; something I need to do
has to happen right now between me, between you.
Underneath the streetlights and Arden Avenue.
You’re on your balcony-waving goodbye.
I’m running back with fill force and a smile, but I’m crying
and than I wake up.

I will wait for you for eternity.
Will you wait for me if I am not yet ready?
This life you lead is not complete without me!


Spring 2006: First Demo
Fall 2006: Acoustic Sampler
Spring 2007: This Time Around EP

Set List

The Best Bad Habit
Toxic, Poisonous, Terrifying
The Coin Toss
These Ebony Drapes
Long Island Equals Home Minus Me
Encore: Another Way to Say Goodbye