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"Shotgun" - 6 song EP released November 2007

Available for purchase on iTunes, CD Baby, Napster.

The song "shotgun" has received airplay on The Rock 95.1/100.7, and 91.5 CJAM in Windsor, Ontario.




To understand the history of Ontology one would have to trace back to the summer of 2003 – it was then that singer/songwriter and guitarist Javier O Cea Martinez, drummer Erik Gurney and bassist Kamil Chodziakiewicz got together for another music session. Their goal at the time was to form the band they always wanted. Adopting the name “Ontology” – meaning “the study of existence” – the trio got right down to the creative-writing process and developed several songs which then lead to many performances in the Windsor/Detroit area. The band worked very hard during those formative years by consolidating and fine-tuning their songs and preparing for future performances.

Ontology tried adding additional members to the band throughout various stages in their career to diversify their sounds and performances. However, none of the attempts contributed significantly to the mission of the band in the long-run. It appeared as though the band had unavoidably reached an artistic plateau in their creative development. The members rejected the notion to stop making music together after enjoying a successful run. They needed a new source of inspiration.

It was not until August of 2006 that Ontology would cross paths with Lorna Price, a talented singer/songwriter with soaring vocals and stage presence that would later take the band to the level of musical enlightenment the members sought after.
The Windsor music scene was filled with many very talented groups; however, it lacked the presence of female artists – especially lead singers in what constitutes a predominantly male environment. The band understood this as a competitive change to differentiate themselves from the large number of existing artists and felt it would give them the opportunity to further evolve in their artistic form.

After several months of modifications to some old songs and developing new ones, they began booking shows in the Windsor area to showcase their new sound. Their edgy and modern sounds coupled with rock-solid, visually stunning, live performances quickly gained them a large following throughout the city. Within months of beginning their live shows, venues and crowds became larger than ever anticipated. With the right promotional support, the band saw their first glimpse of stardom when they sold out the famed Chubby Pickle Rock & Roll Saloon in Windsor.

After playing some successful shows around the city with Solidarity, One Man’s Opinion, Hail the Villain, and other local and regional artists, Ontology went back to the studio to commence recording on their EP. With new singer Lorna on board, this presented lots of possibilities for the band such as including three-part harmonies.
Extensive effort was spent on the guitars – many layers, rhythm tracks and several lead parts were introduced to each song which developed into an entirely new dynamic. Javier’s role as the only guitar player began to lead to artistic burn-out for all of the new parts to be recreated in a live show. Enter Shaun Richard as the second guitar player, just as Ontology was nearing the release date of its new album. He had a challenging learning curve to overcome in a short time but in the end, he delivered a performance above the expectations of the band. Thus, Ontology had completed its final line-up.

The release of their debut-album “Shotgun” was welcomed with front-page headlines in The Windsor Star: a successful CD-review, and praise by yet another sold-out crowd on November 24th, 2007. To this day, Ontology is the only independent band in Windsor to have sold out the Chubby Pickle Rock & Roll Saloon two times within 7 months. As a result, the band has since obtained media coverage from local newspapers as well as several other publications from the United States and the U.K. Ontology has also landed a spot to compete for a one million dollar recording contract with Bodog Media Company.

Currently, Ontology is diversifying its musical repertoire by including up-coming live acoustic performances. They have composed several new songs for this and have plans to assemble bigger shows in the Windsor area by the end of 2008. In the meantime, they would like to introduce their music to broader audiences through a series of tours across Ontario and the rest of Canada. Ontology is determined to elevate the sound of their music through mainstream outlets.