On Tracy Lane is a modern twist on classic 80s pop rock. Schooled in the vocal stylings of Dave Pirner and Tom Petty, OTL captures the spirit of bands like The Cars while revising their retro sound with driving guitars and lush vocal arrangements. Often called a modern day Bon Jovi.


Darryn Yates grew up on 25 Tracy Lane in a small steel town near the Mississippi River in southern IL. He grew up with his mother being a huge Elvis fan and his dad was into the 60s sound. Darryn was big into the 80s scene as he started guitar lessons and singing in his 1st garage band. Talk to Darryn about what happened in the house on Tracy Lane and you'll hear some interesting stories dealing with ghosts & babysitters. Sounds like a possible debut full length record doesn't it? OTL is original. OTL has a splash of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Check it out. The OTL fans are speaking loudly and its just a matter of time before radio and big music companies hop onboard.

ON TRACY LANE * Pop Rock * all songs written by Darryn Yates

-Closing in on 1,000,000 plays on MySpace and 110,000 friends.
-Has licensed music to MTV and is receiving ASCAP checks for music placement on TV.
-Has opened for 5 national acts: Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Phantom Planet, American Hi-Fi, and Local H
-OTL has sold close to 20,000 copies of the OTL EP
-Has 3 music videos under belt including one shot in LA with actress Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, Party of 5)
-The band has tons of press and more on the way.
-OTL originated in Los Angeles, spent time in St. Louis, and is now based in Nashville, TN.
-The band just got out of the studio with producer Lauren Stalnecker in Nashville. 3 new songs are up on the MySpace page. The rest of the new record will be released toward the end of 2008. There are also plans to do the 4th OTL music video this Summer. Website updates, new pics, etc. coming soon.


OTL has released 2 Eps, working on the full length record now. The OTL songs Spent and Better Again have seen college radio airplay.

Set List

We do all original music. We can do anywhere from a 30 min. acoustic set to a 2 hour full band rock set. Maybe a fun cover every now and then but not enough to mention any titles.