Onward, Soldiers

Onward, Soldiers

 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Onward, Soldiers is a Rock/Americana/Pop ensemble based out of Wilmington, NC. Known for their high-energy live performances and arsenal of original songs, they have been described as everything from “visceral and haunting,” to “rootsy,” and “catchy as hell!”


Onward, Soldiers is an indie rock band from Wilmington, NC. Known for their high energy live performances, the current line-up includes: Sean Thomas Gerard (vocals, guitar, piano), Lincoln Morris (lead guitar, vocals), Jarett Dorman (Drums, Vocals), and Tripp Cox (Bass, Vocals). Onward has steadily toured the country over the last three years and has released two full length albums on Winoca Records.

Critically celebrated, 2010's "Ghosts In This Town" is a compelling blend of unadulterated rock and haunting prose. Written and recorded throughout 2009, "Ghosts" includes performances by a bevy of local ILM musicians.

Their second album, “Monsters”, released in February 2012, is a more refined version of the same raw yet melodic spirit Onward, Soldiers posses, and delivers the unexpected twists and turns of cleverly-crafted musicianship mixed with devilish style and endearing lyricism.

Growing interest presented the band with many opportunities including: festival showcases at SXSW, CMJ, Hopscotch, Bele Chere and 35 Denton among others, a compilation CD titled “Gasoline Rainbows” by Vagrant Records, and a feature on Nashville's Music City Roots. Actress Sophia Bush named Onward, Soldiers one of her favorite bands which led to a feature on One Tree Hill (Warner Brothers) with their first single 'Stick to your Guns', and an acoustic performance by STG for the song "Monsters" on the show in 2010. The band can also be seen on PBS's Sun Sessions, filmed at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.


Alright By Me

Written By: Sean Thomas Gerard

Don't go breaking my door down on this part of town. Don't go reading the papers they speak without a sound. You say you got a new car, well ain't that a shame. Your daddy's got money honey but he don't have a brain.

It's alright by me if we don't take any orders.

The parachuters dreams all start to color the sky. You keep your chin up and one day son even you'll get to fly. The do the cocaine, you know they get a colt 45. They make their mothers proud right before they're sent off to die.

It's alright by me if we don't take any orders. It's alright by me if we're on the wrong track. It's alright by me if we don't get any older. Cause I'm a long way from home and I'm never turning back. Let the train roll on.

The rain stopped crying dried up all the pastures alike. The crowd started clapping everybody sitting inside. You say you got a big heart well ain't that a lie. You're back talking everybody that you see passing by.

Stick To Your Guns

Written By: Sean Thomas Gerard

We are fierce so we stay on the edge of the highway. We are bold so we wait for your name to come our way. These days you can't find a soul like your own. Our heads to the sky, our eyes on the road.

We are fair but we lie to get you on our side. We are ghosts in this town but we'll find our way out. You can wait to be killed or you can hide in a landfill. You can carry the cross or you can get lost.

You are fortunate sons and we're the forgotten ones. You all stick to your guns and we're here to stop the blood. Where do they go when the day is done. Take to the road keep your backs to the sun.

The legend lives in sheltered kids. Their parents hide their troubled heads and send them off to sunken ships at bay. The uniform it must be worn/ Identity is no concern. They'll wright you off for what you're worth. So wait for the day, when they've lifted the weight.

Let The Time Roll By

Written By: Sean Thomas Gerard

Oh my love if tomorrow never comes can we make the best of what we have today?
Oh my love is it me you're thinking of when you wake up and the morning skies are grey. You chase my blues away.

As the city sleeps in tattered sheets with mouths to feed you know,
there's only one way out. So take your minute hand and turn it back because
nothing changes in the past but opinions, not the facts. When war is all that you absorb but you can't find what we're fighting for you got to bring the boys on back. Because character is secondhand when you're the master in command. You'll be free, soldier, when you die.

So don't hide. Just let the time roll by.
Let it slide. Just let the time roll by.

Parking meter microphones and stories of the western world have all gathered round and the center town to play. Amplify all that you hide your father swears you're wasting time, but he don't know what life is like today. We'll take your prison guards, your alpha males, your midwives sitting in the county jail and we'll put them all on our side of the plate. When you find yourself divorced your life is turned down a separate course, but there's peace of mind, child, if you stay.

The Past

Written By: Sean Thomas Gerard

When the sun went down we were turned around. There was nowhere we could go. And the wind grew strong while the days were long. We were living life in the shadows. There was a frame of time when the sun would shine. But the past don't matter now. There was a powdered frame on a window pane. But you can't find your way out. The past don't matter now

Outside the rain would hide while the cities laid in shame. Indoors there were corporate wars while the projects ran the game. Don't you love to see the world is at your feet. There is no one you can blame. You can search the seas but you'll never leave. Where the sound remains the same. The world ain't gonna change.

There was lonesome days out on the open range outside of cities falling free. And on the outer shores if you climb aboard, as far as the eye can see. That if you wait in line you're gonna waste your time. There is nowhere we can go. The night is blind and when the sun don't shine we were living life in the shadows. The past ain't gonna show.

Watery Grave

Written By: Sean Thomas Gerard

In a watery grave off the coast of unknown. They're sending you there for the death of his son. The soldiers will march the captives will run. The battle is through the damage is done. The question is why the answer is pride. With everything gone they're leaving tonight.

The war will never end. Your bridges all burned again.

the collapse of the king. You've seen it in dreams. The village is not as safe as it seems. The barriers blocked when the guns will be shot. You got to stand tall outside of the wall. The prince and his men all buried again. You send them to sea and off with their heads.

You're triggered with fear, the evidence clear. Been scattered with stones, the end will be near. The king will be proud with your head in the clouds. Your feet on the ground the time will be now. You've never felt right. There's nothing to hide. With everything gone. Your will and your might.


"Monsters" Onward, Soldiers 2012
"Ghosts in This Town" Onwards, Soldiers 2010
"Let The Time Roll By" Single for Radio 2010
"Stick To Your Guns" Single for Radio and Television 2010
"Gasoline Rainbows" (Vagrant Records compilation 2010)

Set List

1. Stick To Your Guns
2. The Past
3. Alright By Me
4. Let The Time Roll By
5. Relic
6. Watery Grave
7. Nighttime Sky
8. Monsters
9. Cinder Blocks


1. Telling Nobody
2. Living on The Run
3. Highway Calling
4. Cry
5. Carolina
6. Dynamite
7. Wild
8. Gentle Man
9. Under The Radar
10. All In It For Love