Onward Voyageur

Onward Voyageur


Onward, Voyageur sings songs of loss and isolation, songs sung on back porches in dusk light, songs that invoke the lush landscape of some unknown country of the imagination, clockwork lullabies that mark the dreamtime of the life behind the life you live


Formed in 2006, Onward, Voyageur is proud to rehearse in Veda Hille's garage. Comprised of exhausted, disgruntled parents to young children, the band practices every Tuesday evening and plays gigs whenever we can, preferring early sets because we no longer like staying up late. Characterized by tight vocal harmonies, serpentine guitar lines, atmospheric keys and laid-back rhythms, the heady pop potion of Onward, Voyageur is laced with just enough bitterness and bite to make it linger on the sonic palette long after the last chord fades.


Redbird Battalion

Written By: Christine Choquette/Onward, Voyageur

When I woke up from the break up
Couldn’t breathe from the crashing down
Chose to see him for all we might have been
While he turned away so easily
And he doesn’t care how we got there
Honey, you’re no good for me

Wake up, I’ll come around
Call the redbirds down
Come on, let’s fly out
Where there are gentler sounds

Then I found you and you broke right through
Cracked the ice and leapt within
Now your warm sky fills my weary eyes
No longer mired in uncertainty
We roll on, on
The loop pulls us along
And I’m exactly where I’d hope to be

Wake up, I’ll come around
Call the redbirds down
Come on let’s fly out
Where there are gentler sounds


We have recorded a 4 song demo and are intending to record our first album in the Summer of 2009.

Set List

Our average set is about 45 minutes long. We have an extensive list of original songs in our repertoire, but a set list from a recent show is as follows:
1. View From the Backyard
2. Redbird Battalion
3. Landmine
4. Eye To The Ground
5. Spaces
6. The Last One
7. Myth of Broken Wrist
8. In My Room
9. Sparkle
10. Leisurely Collapse
11. Dead and Buried
12. Fall in the Spring