On Wings Of Grace

On Wings Of Grace


On Wings Of Grace is a 6-piece metal band that takes influence from the roller coaster that is life and turns it into a sound all their own. Hailing from Clinton, CT they are your friendly neighborhood metal band!


On Wings Of Grace is a six piece metal band hailing from Clinton, CT. Started by Greg, Jesse, D.J. and Shannon in early 2009, OWOG was looking to fill out the band. Jesse was brought in by the three through church relations. Travis was soon to follow, finding his way to the band through Jesse at college. Zack was picked up through church connections and rounded out the current line-up. Since then OWOG has been writing music non-stop.

Zack has been singing almost his whole life. Starting with school events he eventually found his was into the music scene while being influenced by Blink 182. Jesse has been attacking the guitar for the past 5 years and his shredding is mainly influenced by Metallica. He brings a lot of style to the band with his unpredictable solos. Greg is influenced by the heaviness of All That Remains and though he has only been playing for 1 1/2 years, he proves to be a huge asset to the band by laying down many solid riffs consistantly. Travis's musical roots stem from playing the cello for 12 years. He picked up the bass in high school and has been playing for 4 years now.

D.J. and Shannon coming soon...

Even though On Wings Of Grace is a new band, they have already shared the stage with These Green Eyes, Phone Calls From Home, and Modern Hearts Break Faster. They are looking to play out more and have just finished recording a 4 song EP.


Self Titled EP

Set List

1. Baconator
2. Crown of Thorns
3. Dear Liz, We're Sorry
4. Beauty and Brutality