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The group was formed in 1988 and Onyx released its first 12" single, "Ah, and We Do it Like This", in 1990. The song sounded very jazz influenced, much unlike their later work. In 1991 Onyx was going to present a demo to Jam Master Jay at Def Jam, but Big DS and Sonee Seeza (then only known as Suave) were in Connecticut at the time, so Fredro Starr called up his cousin Sticky Fingaz (who was always rhyming while working in a barber shop). Once Sticky Fingaz joined the group, the group released the Throw Ya Gunz EP in 1992.

After the track Onyx inked a deal with Def Jam and were promised an album which became 1993's Bacdafucup LP. The album met with great commercial success, including heavy airplay on radio and MTV for the single "Slam". Onyx also performed with Biohazard on the tune "Judgement Night", taken from the soundtrack album of the same name. The song "Slam" was the #5 single on the Rap charts and the album went on to quickly sell 2 million copies. Onyx also received critical acclaim, winning Soul Train's raProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0
album of the year. Despite the embrace of commercial outlets, the group maintained their hardcore image through raunchy live performances (not usually found in rap shows but rather at metal concerts), Sticky's arrest for assault on a flight, and when the NAACP deemed them a disgrace to blacks, denying them access to perform a football game's half time show.
A lot changed with Onyx in the next two years. Big DS left the group during the recording of All We Got Iz Us because he felt he wasn't getting enough time on the microphone. Onyx began to fade into obscurity. In 1995 Onyx released their second album All We Got Iz Us. While the album was much less successful commercially, many of their fans call it their best work ever. The album did not have any radio friendly tracks and the album's lead single "Last Dayz" peaked at #89 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling 500,000 copies. In the August, 2008 issue of VIBE, All We Got Iz Us was listed as the best produced rap album of 1995 and one of twenty albums every fan of hip-hop must own.
The release was followed by another gap in albums, but the members remained in the public eye by appearing in several movies, including Clockers, Sunset Park (1996), and Dead Presidents(1995). Both rappers continue to appear in movies and television, appearing on the FX Network on The Shield and on HBO's The Wire.
Onyx returned in 1998 with their third album Shut 'Em Down, which featured appearances from a then-unknown DMX, The Lost Boyz, Raekwon, Method Man, the late Big Pun, Noreaga and a then-unknown 50 Cent. This album found critical as well as commercial success. The underground scene loved the B-sides to the album and radio listeners liked songs such as "React" and the eponymous "Shut 'em Down", the latter featuring DMX. After Shut 'Em Down, Onyx left Def Jam and temporarily split up for solo releases. They reunited in 2002 with Bacdafucup Part II released on Koch Records, where they released the song Slam Harder which was a sample of the show "Welcome back Kotter". The song was basically welcoming them back. Followed by the 2003 release Triggernometry on D3 Entertainment. Both albums met with mediocre reviews and sales, but in a refreshing change from typical musicians, Onyx themselves admit to not liking both albums compared to their earlier releases and they actually tell their fans at live shows to not buy them.

In other news, there has been a low-level argument between Onyx member Fredro Starr and 50 Cent. According to the Rap News Network, 50 Cent started a confrontation with Fredro Starr at the 2003 Vibe Awards.[1] In a 2003 interview Fredro Starr explained, "50 Cent basically started shit with me, started a scuffle, and a bodyguard broke us up. He's a punk. He's disrespectful to Jam Master Jay ever since he passed. Fuck him. I'm doin shit with some ex G-Unit members now. 50 ain’t shit."[1] In an interview with the Source magazine, Fredro Starr said that 50 Cent had been disrespectful towards the Onyx rap group even though Onyx had given him his first breakthrough on a song called "React" from the 1998 album, Shut 'Em Down.
In the summer of 2006 Fredro released a project known as Yung Onyx.
In June 2008, Onyx released their debut DVD: "Onyx: 15 Years of Videos, History and Violence". The DVD contains every Onyx video digitally remastered with optional commentary, all solo videos, and over an hour of rare footage all the way back from 1992.
A new Onyx album, titled The Black Rock, was rumored for a 2006/2007 release but did not surface. Black Rock will finally be coming out at the beginning of 2009.
In late September 2009, members of Onyx expressed their contempt for the Black Keys work BlakRoc.



Written By: ONYX

Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)

[Verse One]
Well, it's another one(What!?) In the gutter one(What!?) Ghetto runnin' 'em
Troublesome - Extra double dum; I come to beat 'em
Defeat 'em and mistreat 'em - so what if that I'm cheatin'?
Now everyone wanna say I'm grimy (Yeah, I know!)
I'm-a show ya' how; Come on! (All in together now!)
Yeah, ooh, yeah - YEAH! - That's how it's gotta be, so
Stop tryin' to be loud as me, 'cause you can't do that!
Think about it! Playin' Russian roulette with an automatic,
I put my ass against the line, the last bullet is first - on line
Toughest step, and I rep and I run; Packin' a weapon is wild!
Peace to the brothers on Ryker's Isle - Toughen up; A-tremble-em-ba-lin
Like a crimin-a-million puffs I took: I - ooh, my god, I'm so high!
Just they say, "Hey, Rodney," say, "You look like a -
- Grem-a-lin!" A What!? Just they say to make a kid
Make a million children slam! Slam! SLAM!

Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)

[Verse Two]
I'm the mean 'n nasty, greedy-smashing, ever-slow-gasser (Ooh!)
Strictly swift blast of the raspy-rasp basher (Aah!)
That I provide - I provide that you was cheap!
Beside the ghetto vibe make me flip like Jeckle and Hyde (Of Course!)
I come across with the pure, for sure
Un-adult-a-rated, un-conformed
Disgusted! Busted! You wanna touch it! Too hot!
You forgot, you're not ready! Your head could get ruptured!
Hit between the eyes; I plan to vandalize
I supply the static (I roll with the bad guys!)
The villians (Yup), Crooks (HA), biters and the fighters!
See the big wreck? Could ya' if ya' look inside of
My mind: It's graphic. Expressed it. Grasp it.
So, kill the copy cat - I can't: It's all mastered!
Directed it. When ya' least expected it
And thought it was safe, ONYX hit you in the face, so SLAM!

Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)

[Verse Three: Sticky Fingaz]
I'm a b-boy
Standin in my b-boy stance
Hurry up and give me the microphone before I bust in my pants
The mad author of anguish; my language, polluted
Onyx is heavyweight (Sonsee: And still undisputed!!)
He took the words right out my mouth and walked a mile in my shoes
I've paid so many dues, I feel used and abused
And I'm.... so confused
umm, excuse me, for example
I'm the inspiration, of a WHOLE generation
And unless you got 10 SSsssticky Fingers
Its straight immitation
A figment, of your imagination
But but but but wait it gets worse!!
I'm not watered down so I'm dyin of thirst
Comin thru wit a scam, a foolproof plan
B-boys make some noise, and just, JUST SLAM!

Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)

Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Let the boys be boys!)
Slam! (duh duh duh, duh duh duh - Make noise b-boys!)

All we got iz us

Written By: ONYX

Verse 1:

Nigga you heartless
You ain't heartless
You dont want no part in this
You ain't got it in ya
I'm born to be a sinner
As i move through these evil new york streets
Like grease
And some kids get caught up
All up in the crime rate
Couldn't hold your nine straight when you was bustin
Your whole clip and hittin nothing
Your whole block on him, only two niggaz got him
Came down fast
With the cash and the product
Caught you pants down with ya clothes off

A nigga never knows...a nigga never knows

You got your ryhmes niggas?
Bring em-we start that
Its concrete combat-where i'm at
A crime covered city
Where theres no time for pity
We comin from the village
Of the unprivledged
Blood soaked bills through murder actions
Transactions all illegal
I smell the cheeb like a beagle
Evil stalks and lurks
Dominate and do worse in my dwelling
Niggaz filling shells and compelling to bust melons
(we just) bring to these fellas

[chorus 2x]
These evil streets iz rough
Ain't no one we can trust
Either roll with the rush or get rushed
Cause all we got iz us

These evil streets...

Verse 2:
Seen the world through the eyes of a nigga on the brink
Drugs got my brain fried making it hard to think
I'm trapped in these evil streets
Drivin some scuffed up ragged down beat up past tims
Some kid pulls up with chrome dimple guided rims
Now i'm thinking its 3 in the a.m.
I'm walking and he in a bm
Drop top 3-he dont even see me
Would you believe, he saw my gun in 3d
10 blocks later trying to work the cd
Spotted 15 on the bqe
Cause ain't no way them pigs is baggin me
And up a sonsee we official nasty

For niggas that force the issue
My man'll toss the pistol
And of course i hit you
Let that loss be with you
The more l's the higher
Streets are fire
Make ice hearts in men
For worldly desire
Its the black attack
Born on the corner
Nigga grew up fast to get that looter ready to shoot 'er
And he do anything to achieve it (better believe it)
Grew up in a band of theives
Who retrieves the goods
Stacking stacks
And pushing niggas shit back like they should
While we was gone
Some shit undeveloped
Now parlay, sit back
And watch armys swell up
Yeah....punk niggaz

[chorus x4]
As we move through these evil streets...

Verse 3:

Only nigga that can kill me is the nigga in the mirror
But when i cup the mic and make my fighting words clearer
A nigga without a gun is like something is missing
That was my employer-when i aint have a pot to piss in
(so listen) keep a gun, even if its not needed
Better that than to have none and to be in deep shit
We mold on niggaz like bacteria grows
Fools they lucky if they walk away with a black eye and a broken nose
Nigga, we kill niggaz
For polo and hilfigers
Its all for real ill niggaz
And steel figures
Ain't nothin over here
Wont be soft
Shit be jumping off
On the rag
Dont beat me in the head with that
Go head with that
I think back me in my mans rover
Rip out sombodys grandmother
Pulled out, the bitch ran for cover
Keep niggaz guessin with our face without expressions
For niggaz stressin
I leave a lifetime impression
It shines like aggression when the flame comes out
Saw the bout, what you got, when your gang runs out
Shits hot, you could get burned with heat
We take turns to sleep
You better learn the street
Damn, you could get shot for 5 dollars
Its live wires
With no signs of survivors...

These evil streets iz rough
Ain't no one we can trust
Either roll with the rush or get rushed
Cause all we got iz us
These evil streets iz rough
Ain't no one we can trust
Either roll with the rush or get rushed
Cause all we got iz us
These evil streets...


Bacdafucup 1993
Bacdafucup (pronounced /ˈbækdəfʌkʌp/) is the multi-platinum debut album from hardcore rap group Onyx. The album featured their breakout single, "Slam", which received heavy airplay on both radio and television (MTV and BET), leading the song to reach #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.
In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums.

All We Got Iz Us 1995
All We Got Iz Us is the second album from hardcore rap group Onyx. It is widely considered to be a great follow up to their classic Bacdafucup, with many fans actually citing it as the best album Onyx made. It reached gold sales status despite having no radio-friendly tracks on the album. Turning away from the more fun violence of their debut, All We Got Iz Us touched on subjects from racism to suicide. The opening track features Sticky Fingaz talking to himself and eventually committing suicide.
Music videos were released for the tracks Last Dayz, I'll Murder You, All We Got Iz Us, Walk In New York and Live Niguz, the last being influenced from the 1995 hip-hop film The Show.
In 2008, Vibe magazine named it the best-produced album of 1995 and listed it as one of twenty albums all hip hop fans must own (but may have missed).

Shut 'Em Down 1998
Shut 'Em Down is the third album from rap group Onyx. The album marked the group's highest debut on the Billboard 200 at #10. The album features the very first major label appearance of 50 Cent on the song "React". "Shut 'Em Down (Remix)" was also featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Bacdafucup Part II 2002
Bacdafucup Part II is the fourth album from rap group Onyx.

Triggernometry is the fifth album from rap group Onyx and was put out on D3 Entertainment.

Cold Case Files: Murder Investigation
Cold Case Files: Murder Investigation is the sixth album released by rap group, Onyx. It was released on August 19, 2008 through the Iceman Music Group and contained unreleased tracks from the group's first three albums, Bacdafucup, All We Got Iz Us and Shut 'Em Down. Deceased member, Big DS and affiliate, X-1 also appear on the album.

Albums included in this Torrent

* Released: March 30, 1993
# Certification:2x Platinum
# Billboard 200 chart position: #17
# R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #8
# Singles: "Throw Ya Gunz"/"Blac Vagina Finda", "Bacdafucup", "Slam"/"Da Nex Niguz", "Shifftee"/"Bichasniguz"

All We Got Iz Us
* Released: October 24, 1995
# Certification: Gold
# Billboard 200 chart position: #22
# R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #2
# Singles: "Last Dayz"/"All We Got Iz Us", "Live Niguz"/"Walk in New York"

Shut 'Em Down
* Released: June 2, 1998
* Billboard 200 chart position: #10
* R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #3
* Singles: "Shut 'Em Down"/"Raze It Up", "The Worst", "React"/"Broke Willies"/"Shut 'Em Down (Remix)"

Bacdafucup Part II
* Released: July 9, 2002
* Billboard 200 chart position: #46
* R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #11
* Singles: "Slam Harder"/"Hold Up", "Big Trucks"/"Bring 'Em Out Dead"

* Released: August 12, 2003
* R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #66

Cold Case Files
* Released: August 19, 2008

Rare, Raw & Uncut Grimee [EP]
* Released: 2002

Sticky Fingaz:

Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones
* Released: May 22, 2001 300,000 Copies Sold
* Billboard 200 chart position: #44
* R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #10
* Singles: "Get It Up"

Decade "...but wait it gets worse"
* Released: April 29, 2003
* Billboard 200 chart position: #176
* R&B/Hip-Hop chart position: #37
* Singles: - "Can't Call It"

Fredro Starr:

* Released: 2001

Don't Get Mad Get Money
* Released: 2003

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Albums to be released later this year.


Black Rock
* Coming: 2008
* Singles: Never Going Back

Sticky Fingaz:

* Coming: 2008
* Singles: - "Debo The Game"

Fredro Starr:

Last Dayz (2008)