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London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

London, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Electronic Pop




"Summer Skies by Ooberfuse - "classy, well-made pop..""

Cherrie Anderson vocal on Summer Skies reaches out of the headphones from bar one and shakes hands with your ears. It’s just gorgeous. If pop music is a broad church, then credibility is a fine line drawn down the middle of the nave, and one that Cherrie and her collaboration partner Hal St John have managed to tread deftly on this track. Music that’s upbeat and accessible, yet quirky and charming with enough grit in the production to counterbalance the occasional hint of saccharin in the chord sequences. Based in Woolwich, the duo are, they tell us, “unafraid to deep-sea dive into the deepest oceans of human emotions to colour-up drab contemporary life.” They also told us a lot of stuff about “dangerous excursions”, “weaving stories”, “narcotic dreams” “Orchestral electronica”, “strange eastern fragrances”, “delicate textures,” “Himalayan foothills” “teak and bamboo rainforests”, “wild exotic spices”, “the advancing thud of war elephants crashing through the borogroves” and the “lilts and tilts of a strange new technicolour”. You get the idea. Classy, well-made pop music, innit. - BBC Introducing - Tom Robinson

"Ooberfuse are a hidden gem"

There is something special about Ooberfuse. Their music is calming to listen to while you drift off into your own little world where the rythm and beat keep you safe. Maybe it’s the lead singer's soothing voice, perhaps the gentle electro beat in the background; Ooberfuse will draw in thousands to listen to their music.

Ethereal electronic pop with the complex beauty that Oobafuse has will endure.

We can't wait to see where Ooberfuse shines their musical light. Have a listen yourself, you will see what we mean. - St Paul's Lifestyle

"Ten out of ten - Ooberfuse's first album"

From the acoustic guitar and synth opening, it is obvious that this is not a normal pop dance album. The rhythms, which are not the normal western pop but much more influenced by eastern music, and the clever use of programming result in a varied and refreshing sound that keeps the listeners' interest throughout. Cherrie Anderson's alternatively dreamy and powerpacked vocal delivery expertly adds to the production giving a full and rounded sound with some wonderful hooks, particularly "Little Flower" and "Love Stupid Love" but in reality every song has a gem in it somewhere. Dropped into the middle of this is a beautifully idiosyncratic rendition of the Cure's "The Lovecats" which manages to both be faithful to the original and about as different as it is possible to get - quite a feat. At the other extreme is "Heart's Cry", chosen as the youth anthem for the Pope's 2010 visit to the UK and includes samples from one of the Pope's messages and would not be out of place in the summer charts. All in all a top class pop dance album which is thoroughly recommended. - Crossrhythms

"Secret Tattoo - simple yet beautiful, atmospheric and tantalisingly delicate"

I was brought up on Rock. Well, Rock and Motown.

Other than Michael Jackson, Pop didn't play much of a part in my musical education growing up and it's an understatement to say that I haven't enjoyed much Electronic music or EDM in my time. That said, I pride myself on the fact that, as a musician I appreciate anything that's creative, shows musicality or true expression. You can understand my apprehension, therefore, when Ooberfuse - Secret Tattoo landed in my hands to prospectively review.

An EDM/Electronic Pop group with Christian roots is a far cry from the Rage Against The Machine and Queen that sat on my shelf.

However, I sit here now smiling and remembering the goosebumps that shot up both my arms as soon as Secret Tattoo started.

Through the delicate electronic intro, floats a voice that's as wistful as is it soft. It's an absolute joy to listen to and has that unidentifiable quality that just draws you in and doesn't let you go. It's a delightful, caressing melody delivered only a few steps above a whisper and it adds more atmosphere to this track than most manage with an entire string section.

Enter the drum machine and the additional vocals of Hal St John (which perfectly compliment those of our serene siren Cherrie Anderson) and what we have here is a beautifully delicate, ethereal and hugely economical Electronic Pop song.

The track's narrative is that of devotion and dedication to a loved one. An expression of limitless and unconditional love. What's truly lovely about this track is the use of softness, delicacy even fragility to convey the song's message as opposed to the rushing, sweeping grandeur that many artists resort to in order to transmit such expression.

The up-tempo rhythm of the song combined with pulsing bass and a wonderfully simple reoccurring piano riff give the listener enough to keep their foot tapping while an infectiously catchy chorus provides all you need to keep you singing this to yourself all day long.

Secret Tattoo is a simple yet beautiful, atmospheric and tantalisingly delicate love song and it deserves your attention. Considering my broader tastes in music I had no right to enjoy this track but I did. The vocals sent a shiver down my spine and the arrangement and rhythms kept me hooked as I'm sure it will with anyone who hears it. - Reverb Room

"Ooberfuse - Secret Tattoo - "magnetically allluring..""

Having recently returned from a prestigious Nashville songwriting camp sponsored by the UK government (UK Trade and Industry), the band part of a small number handpicked UK artists working with Nashville’s songwriting royalty, electronic pop duo Ooberfuse unveil their new single in the shape of the magnetically alluring Secret Tattoo. It is a vibrant smile on the senses; a song which bubbles and simmers like a pot of warmed honey as sweet as it is compelling.

Secret tattoo opens with a Yazoo like electro invitation quickly joined by the highly persuasive tones of Anderson. Backed by similarly alluring hues from St John, her voice dances on the senses; offering a warm siren-esque kiss on the ear as elegant and tempting as the weave of melodic synth cast suggestiveness around her. There is also a touch of Depeche Mode to the song as its meanders with purpose and resourceful enterprise across the imagination. Its body is slim, textures uncomplicated on the ear but together they create a pop song which lures the listener into a sultry embrace of emotive and electronic flirtation.

No demands are made by Secret Tattoo, just an invitation from Ooberfuse to immerse in its infectious charm; one easy to accept request. - RingMaster Review

"Ooberfuse - a one way, all expenses paid ticket to Ear Worm Central"

Thankfully now that we are a generation on from those lump-headed days when any talk of synths, samples and anything not seen as “proper instruments” had narrow minded “proper music fans” racing for their moral high ground, bands such as Ooberfuse can be fully appreciated. Their ethereal electronic pop blends and girl-boy vocal deliveries are wonderfully easy on the ear but totally engaging at the same time, the combination being a one way, all expenses paid ticket to Ear Worm Central.

It’s the simplicity that makes it work so well, even with the swath of possibilities that electronic music puts at their finger tips, rather than over texturing the song to create their effect, they head in the opposite way and strip things back to their most simple and create gossamer thin musical threads, subtle washes and spaces filled more by atmosphere than music.

If this is the sound of the future of pop music then I need to start building that time machine so that I can fast forward a few decades and greedily experience it all right now. Right, where did I put my sonic screwdriver? - Dancing About Architecture


The Odd Ones, debut album release, 30 March 2017 (Motor Records)
Secret Tattoo, single release, 14 November 2016 (Motor Records)



Based in Woolwich, Ooberfuse are a songwriting duo composed of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. They are unafraid to deep-sea dive into the deepest oceans of human emotions to colour-up drab contemporary life. Their songs are audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things. 

On what sets Ooberfuse apart from their peers, an influential UK music critic says: “Ethereal electronic pop with the complex beauty that Ooberfuse has will endure.” Well-crafted songs delivered through powerful, emotional and heartfelt vocals combined with east-meets-west electronic music are Ooberfuse’s trademarks.
One of Ooberfuse’s strengths is their live performance, having played hundreds of gigs all over the world. They are equally at home performing to an audience of 2 million in Madrid, to hundreds in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas, or in front of the House of Lords in the UK.  They recently toured the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines and Iraq.  They have graced the stage of some of Britain’s most prestigious venues – including the O2 in Greenwich, Leicester Square Theatre, Bush Hall and Trafalgar Square.

Support for Ooberfuse has come from various credible music tastemakers such as Paul Oakenfold, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Ministry of Sound, BBC Introducing’s Tom Robinson, BBC Radio London and DJ Mag. Ooberfuse have just come back from a prestigious Nashville songwriting camp sponsored by the UK government (UK Trade and Industry), as part of a small number of handpicked UK artists where they worked with Nashville’s songwriting royalty.  

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