Albany, New York, USA

Bass driven. Horn laden. Layered textures and dark melodies. Heavy funk to get the dance floor moving.


Founded in 2008, Oobleck is six piece funk based instrumental horn band hailing from the Capital Region of New York. And when we say funk, we actually mean funked-out-afro-rock-alt-dub-whatever. It's a melee of horns, super heavy drums and bass and your favorite type of chunky guitar riffing that leaves your ass shaking and your face grinning.

Balancing razor sharp horn lines with live group improvisation, Oobleck mesmerizes…delving fearlessly where the moment takes them. Pushing the bounds of sound, Oobleck's funk is an unbridled expression of the dark and light: a sextet's worth of energy and synergy, infusing you with the raw love of music that comes only from playing, dancing and breathing from a place deep down. In the end, it's funk to fuel your soul.

"A reincarnation of James Brown funk, mixed with jazz infusions of oolong-tea and crispy grilled cheese with jalapenos bringing the heat. A funky dance-a-thon. Hot horns, driving percussion, and a steady rhythm to welcome you in from the cold."


Collar City - March 2010
Live - January 2011