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Ookla the Mok is Fandom's Own Rock Band.  The Buffalo-based  group, fronted by librarian Rand Bellavia and cartoonist Adam English, plays almost exclusively at Science Fiction and Comic Book Conventions... which is extremely fortunate, as an awful lot of their songs are about superheroes and Star Trek.

Ookla the Mok has been rocking nerds all over the world for almost fifteen years. You've never heard of them, but at any Science Fiction or Comic Book Convention in North America they're huge rock stars with groupies and everything. Their clever, media-savvy lyrics and catchy powerpop sound have earned them thousands of fans worldwide.

Ookla also does music for TV and movies.  They wrote and performed the theme song to the ABC-TV Saturday morning cartoon Disney's Fillmore!,  the score and soundtrack to the feature film Bite Me, Fanboy!, and had a song featured in the short film Because You Demanded It!


F. People

Written By: Rand Bellavia and Adam English

Show a little compassion for Michael Jackson
When he turns up on the evening news
Don’t judge that man or make fun of his tan
Until you’ve walked a mile backwards in his sequined shoes
And even if he is as bad as we might fear
We’re to blame, we gave him fame, and we can make him disappear

Famous people are weird
They can’t help it
It just goes along with being a star
We need our stars to act a little bizarre
If only to assure us how normal we are
When they’re smeared we’re all too eager to jeer
And when they’re cleared we’ll be first in line to cheer at the world premiere
Famous people are weird

So why don’t you show a little compassion for Michael Jackson
That poor guy never had a chance of being normal
And neither would you if your parents had you up there singing and dancing
When you were younger than the drummer from Hanson
You’da probably turned out like Marilyn Manson
Prancing on stage without any pants on

And even if they’re not as strange as they appear
We believe everything we hear
Like the one about Richard Gere
Just keep in mind before you sneer
Who gave them their career

Famous people are weird
They can’t help it
It just goes along with being a star

It’s like being the president
They start hating you the minute they vote you in

Arthur Curry

Written By: Rand Bellavia and Adam English

Batman's got an attitude everybody takes him seriously
And Superman never made any money well try to tell that to DC
All the other members of the Justice League
Say I have useless super powers and make fun of me
But I know that there will come a day
When they're gonna stare in slack jawed wonder as they hear me say

I am Aquaman and nobody better mess with me
I may be nothing to you but I am a king beneath the sea
Let's see you get by under water as well as I do on the ground
I am Aquaman and you better not mess around

There are days I swear I would rather have
The proportionate strength of a praying mantis
Then be the last lost noble prince
Of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis

Batman's got the Batmobile Diana's got her invisible jet
It seems like everybody else can fly even Samurai but a stupid seahorse is all I get
Green Arrow's sharp but I couldn't be any duller
My orange costume's uglier than any other color
I'm not as tough as Batman or as cute as Gleek
I'm a little taller than the Atom but smaller than Apache Chief


Clark Kent wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t have his Lois Lane
Green Arrow’s got his Black Canary
Even millionaire Bruce Wayne has that thing on the side with his ward Dick Grayson
But there’s just one girl that I would marry

Batman signed a movie deal though you know he doesn't need the cash
And all the second-rate heroes get their own TV shows even the Pre-Crisis Flash
But not me I guess that I don't rate
My comic book's been cancelled more than Dr. Fate
I know that I'm no Brainiac but I'm no fool
I know not even Peter David can make me cool

Number One

Written By: Rand Bellavia and Adam English

I am a gambler
I am fortune's son
I am the first mate
Of the NCC-1701D

Well I had an encounter at Farpoint Station
With a little touch of constipation
While I was waiting to come aboard and meet my crew
But when the captain arrived I had this feeling inside
That there was something that I needed to do
And it's true

But when I got to my quarters there was something missing
I didn't have a pot to piss in
But I was too proud to ask an ensign where to go
So I flashed with a smile and held it in for awhile
And tried not to let it show
But you know

I asked the ship's computer
I checked the technical guide
But there are no bathrooms on the Enterprise
I've been here seven days
And I can't wait anymore
Pretty soon I'm gonna boldly go where no one's ever gone before

I can't sit down I'm in some condition
How'd Kirk survive on a five year mission?
This new assignment is getting harder to endure
Cause I ain't feeling so great and I'm putting on lots of weight
I couldn't make it through a three hour tour
That's for sure

And now I've gained twenty pounds and I grew a beard
How could I shave without a bathroom mirror?
If I don't get some relief I'm gonna split my skin
'Cause I'm as round as a globe and if I don't launch a probe
Soon I'll weigh enough to be my own twin
My transporter twin




I am a gambler
I am fortune's son
I am the first mate
Of the NCC-1701D


Poor Man's Copyright: The Rand and Adam Tape (1993)
Less Than Art (1997)
Super Secret (1998)
Sucking Out Loud: Live in Chicago (1999)
Smell No Evil: A Rock Opera (2001)
Oh Okay LA (2003)
Dave Lennon: A B-Sides Collection (2005)

Set List

A typical 90 minute set would include:

Super Powers
P. M. Prima Donna
Cowboy Secret Space Detective
Me and My Monkey
Arthur Curry
A. M. Suicide
Theme from Super Skrull
Stop Talking About Comic Books or I'll Kill You
F. People
Dollar Fifty Movies
Spot the Cat
Tiberius Rising
Song of Kong
Hockey Monkey
Buffalo, CA
Number One
Mr. Worf
Mr. Potato Head
LA (la land)
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