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Looking at girls as if I'm in France
I stand at the promenade and stare at everyone.
It is a show of people.
I sit across from the street king
as the juggler performs beside us
looking at girls as if I'm in France.

I realize that I should have had a lot of sex when I was 15.
Looking back, there wasn't any real disease to worry about but herpes
and they say everyone has herpes. Cold sores my ass.
But the girls I was surrounded by couldn't have had access to any real
sick dick by that age. Damn. That would have been yummy.
Instead I was horrified by sins and disease and morals. What a crock.
Now I find myself
leaning on a tree on the streets
looking at girls as if I'm in France
that I should have had out of my system
20 years ago. Then perhaps I'd be paying more attention
to the juggler.

But at 15 I was interested in women.
Not the girls that surrounded me.
I was interested in the April issue Penthouse Pet
not the girl that was conditioned to scream if I showed her my weiner.
I was curious about an aunt and her neice and was throughly convinced
that all women everywhere were enjoying sex with one another.

I stepped away from the king
and met the girl in front of the cosmetics store.
We walked up and down streets considering restaurants
then walking away. It was quite some time and many blocks
away that we decided on a japanese place on the broadway.
There was a small leaf that looked like a baby spinach
so I ate it just to tempt fate... not to buy into the latest
craze in illness. They're doing genetic testing on us
with various strains of modified diseases from aboard their spaceship.
Not to bore you but I couldn't drink a beer while sitting on the sidewalk.
It was only allowed while inside. I had iced tea.
Earlier we had walked to the theater for a movie
but I have an aversion to people. There's too much flesh clogging up drains.
So I oozed with the idea that I didn't want to sit in a room with all those people.
I prefer theaters to be mostly empty. Less external distraction.
But don't tell everyone it's best to go to an early or late show.
My secret might get out and they'll all show up at the wrong time.
A young brother walked by me and smiled his platinum grill
as his friend complimented my shirt.
A dream I had after I woke from a nap after a day.

So I'm searching for "Gaucho"
because the Santa Ana winds are to be stirred up this weekend.
Up late and high.
We got back up to our place and opened two bottles of wine: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
Gaucho is scratched to hell
but we'll see if the computer can read it.
Angels only hear your thoughts when you speak... same as devils.

- Merkus Alkus


FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND (2007) - 4-song E.P.

2) SORROW IS A COLD GUN (Thanks, John)
3) SHE DIALS 911



I've played music with Yasha for over 10 years pretty consistently. I first worked with Kentaro on the BLAUDO project starting in 2004. We began playing these songs together in the summer of 2006. OOLYAKOO has become a singular voice in a short period of time. Compare it to whatever you care to, but it doesn't sound like anything at all. It's doubtful that you share the same opinion on matters, but you're forced to empathize. FOUR SHEETS was 3/4 done after one 8 hour session. All vocals are the scratch tracks. We were going for a live and spontaneous recording. June to December '07, OOLYAKOO played 20 live shows in the L.A. area and continues to be booked regularly in several Santa Monica and Hollywood venues. If you miss this it's your loss.