Oona Love

Oona Love


' Oona Love delivers a powerhouse performance of lyrically sublime originals and eclectic covers. She knocks our socks off!' -Equality Herald. With the angelic tones of artists like Sinead O'Connor, the passion and growl of Janis Joplin, and the mystery of Stevie Nicks, Oona Love is not to be missed


Oona Love moved to East TN five years ago, after an acclaimed career in Celtic /Folk Music to follow her heart singing rock and roll. Joining The Cinnamon Girls, she found a niche in music. Along with Lynn Rose, she toured and played consistently for those five years. Now, she branches out on her own to bring her acclaimed songwriting and voice to the masses.

Oona says that music makes her soul shine, and that it does. From hard rocking modern tunes, to soulful blues, to classics, to her own contemporary 'folksy rock' tunes, she is turning heads, bringing joy to her audiences and keeping her fans coming back for more. With her own songs like 'For You', 'When U Were Mine', 'Mairead' and 'Land Of Opportunity' she is carving out a place for herself as a well respected songwriter. Vocally, her range is incredible, easily transitioning from angelic melodies to growling rock and blues.

The self described 'frustrated rock and roller in a folk singer's body', Oona sings from her heart. Her audiences are captivated by the emotion of her music and the emotion she stirs within them. Every show, no matter how large or small is an intimate experience, as she shares her love of music, her faith in humanity, and a connection that people do not forget. Whether singing a cover song or one of her own, Oona connects with the music and those around her. Everyone in the audience feels her singing for them.

To understand this powerhouse of a performer, one just has to listen to her voice, but to really understand her, one needs to come see her at a show. So what are you waiting for?


Songs from Across the Pond- 1998 (a strictly Celtic Album)
For You- 2006 (with The Cinnamon Girls)
Oona Love- 2009 (currently in progress)

Set List

Typical sets range from 50-55 minutes, usually performing three sets per show.
A typical set would consist of songs, such as the following:
For You - original
House of the Rising Sun
Love me Like a Man
Land of Opportunity- original
The Weakness in Me
Can't You See
Angel From Montgomery
When U Were Mine- original
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Brown Eyed Girl
Angel- original
What's Up?
Mercedes Benz
Me and Bobby McGee