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"OORUTAICHI "Drifting my folklore""

Osaka based Oorutaichi has rubbed shoulders with Kenji Haino asnd Ruins, collaborated with oddball popsters Momus and
Taku Hannoda, and been producing his solo take on pop since 1999 .The present release is a mixture of tracks from his 2003 debut CD
Oorutaichi Yori Yoyo and an even earlier EP also bearing the title Drifting my folklore.
Sadly, the heady T Rex homage “Negro shrine jungle” is not included , but here are ten examples of Oorutaichi’s high-spirited and
outlandish styling,often featuring invented language. There's plenty of Residents-style weirdness and geeky Aphex Twin-esque mucking
about, while his utterly synthetic sound world seems in direct descent from Yellow Magic Ochestra. A typically hyperactive multiple synth
pile-up on "Beshaby" is o$set, or possibly made worse, by a whining vocal. "Pan 1 Nonaki" is the only track to slow down, and a kind of
exotica emerge, though Oorutaichi's jungle is made of microprocessors��rather than lianas. The sturdiest song is "UiUi-Mar-Chan",
where a stuttering organ supports a decent melody, like a high speed sea shanty from some digitized ocean.
In Oorutaichi’s world the machines have long since taken over, but the e$ort has sent them round the bend, where they encounter
their dada re%ections. Manically cheerful, it’s like being trapped in a gym full of exercising holograms, and the song "MISEN Gymnastics"
indeed incorporates a keep fit routine. - CLIVE BELL(WIRE Magazine)


Japanese bedroom Pro-Tools wizard Oorutaichi only plays the way-out synth-pop sounds. This is space disco that really does chuck
anything remotely earthbound out of the cockpit. "Misen Gymnastics" takes a crisp hi-hat pulse, a touch of bongo, digital fuckery, and
a synth ri$ that sounds like a fanfare announcing cosmic dragons with glass confetti, and mixes them with enough whimsy to fend o$
Max Tundra's cronies for months. The kiddie chorus shouts in unison between Oorutaichi's el#n verses, with deft rhythmic patterns all
synched up like he rehearsed these guys a week before pressing "record." Bent wind chimes and Fender Rhodes #ll in the blank spots,
while driving it all is a bass line that curves up like it'd been warped by the sun. Underneath it all, a good, old-fashioned disco kick;
the modern dance composer refuses to die, again and again and again. - Pitchork.com


Hailing from Japan these guys don?ft muck around, the even make up their language and sing whatever comes to their heads whilst recording and underpin it with beeping, quirky melodies sounding as if played on kid?fs instruments - a loose percussive disco rhythm tries to keep everything togeter a bit but stumbles from time to time - cute, oddball and over the top at the same time like a Takashi Miike comedy. The IDJUT BOYS stretch the cut to a maximum disco workout and even generously treat us with a sizzling, stripped down and abstract bonus version.
- Bearfunk


Oorutaichi "Jurasy human" Mix CD/Honchosounds
Shugo Tokumaru "Rum Hee" Remix

Urichipangoon(oorutaichi's band)
"Giant club" Album/Akichi records

Oorutaichi "Drifting my folklore" Album/Okimi records

Oorutaichi "MISEN Gymnastics" EP/Bearfunk

Obake-Jaa(oorutaichi's other unit)
"Manpukugo"/Okimi records

Urichipangoon "Sen" Album/Scilli disques

Oorutaichi "Yori Yoyo" Album/Mroheiya records
Oorutaichi "Oy" EP/Out one disc
Oorutaichi "Borderland" Album/Okimi records

Oorutaichi "?" Album/Okimi records



OORUTAICHI began recording and performing in 1999, inspired by
The Residents,The Doors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Aphex Twin and
Dancehall Reggae. Initial recordings were multi-tracked
improvisations using "real" instruments, toys and voice, evolving
to composed songs using midi triggerd instrumentation.His frst album,
"YORI YOYO",was released in 2003 to acclaim by Yamatsuka EYE(BOREDOMES),
FREEFORM(Skam Records),Juana Morina(Domino Records), Daniel Wang and
others, and received airplay on BBC Radio.He has been profiled in a number
of Japanese magazines, and is very active in Japanese underground music,
IIn 2005 the U.K label ?gBearfunk?hreleased his EP ?gMisen Gymnastics?h,
featuring an Idjut Boys remix, which was given to Shugo Tokumaru to use
on his new EP ?gRum hee?h featuring deerfoof in 2009.
In 2007 he toured the U.K and recently completed a tour of the U.S.
Some of his personal accomplishments during the U.S tour were performing
the first set for Juana Molina, as well as, performing at the SXSW in Texas U.S.
These were all a part of his continuing efforts to raise his profile abroad.