"Opa!" unites musicians from different parts of the huge area of the former USSR. Their music expresses freedom and euphoria of post-soviet spirit and ancient enigma of Russian Soul.


All the musicians met in Saint-Petersburg 9 years ago. The multicultural life of this half Russian half European city is our creative background. Gigs and festivals played by OPA! more than in 20 countries, 3 studio albums are recorded. OPA! appears in Russian TV shows often. Our music used as soundtracks for the number of Russian films.


"Roots Power". CD 2013
"Nakurilah". EP, 2011
Psoy & OPA! "In the Dead of Night". CD+DVD 2010
"Original Goods". CD 2009
"Zhe". CD 2008
Single. CD 2006
Kuzma & OPA! EP 2005
Single. CD 2004
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