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With their new EP "Live at the Liquid Room" due to be released on the 12th of February, Edinburgh-based groovesters OPAL SKY look set to cement their place as one of the capital's hottest live acts. Their rise to prominence has been steady and assured; a two-year evolution resulting in a sound that's rich but edgy.
On stage OPAL SKY are a class-act with front woman, Karina Hay, being hailed as one of the best female vocalists on the Scottish circuit. Her voice is classically superb, but at its heart is a deep-seated soul and sass that has mesmerised audiences throughout Britain.
Instrumentally, the band has cultivated a beautiful dynamic between the emotive, expressive keyboard of Thilo Pfander and the edgy but superbly controlled guitar of Tony Sehgal (who also provides backing vocals). Underpinning the outfit are the talents of Joe Smillie on drums and Dave Eunson on bass, both of whom propel the music forward and tie the sound together.
The end product is beautifully balanced; a rich and diverse sound that's exciting and feisty but always consummately controlled and exquisitely executed. (...) - Tom Lea, IMPACT-magazine

OPAL SKY were big crowd pullers at The Exchange on Friday night and apart from standing out among the usual identikit indie outfits, the band showed they may just have the tunes to put them on the airwaves.
But as well as the chance to check out this talented young band, this gig was also a great excuse to sample Edinburgh's newest concert venue. Both, it has to be said, got the thumbs-up from those in attendance. (...)

A little later, headliners OPAL SKY were greeted with a roar of approval that suggested they are either on the brink of big things or had a lot of family and friends in attendance. Whichever, they did not disappoint.

The five members formed the band with the goal of creating an original sound of their own, one that avoids lazy categorisation. Over the past few years, they've been gigging and honing their sound in the recording studio, and the result of their hard work was there for all to see at the weekend.
If nothing else, you would have to admire the band for their desire to be different.A refreshing change from your usual retro Britpop pretenders, OPAL SKY's songs pack punch.
What's more they can also lay claim to having probably the best female vocalist on the local circuit right now - 24-year-old frontwoman Karina Hay. Hay confessed she was suffering from a nasty throat infection at the start of the gig - though you would have never know it from her sassy vocal performance.
But this was no one-woman show. Hay was aided and abetted by guitarist Tony Sehgal, keyboardist Thilo Pfander and Joe Smillie and Dave Eunson on drums and bass respectively - who are all distinctive, musicians in their own right.The talented fieve-piece played a set comprising of a dozen songs - including Stop The Train, Drops and a kicking cover of Basement Jaxx's infectious dancefloor filler Good Luck - to a crowd of punters who thought so much of the performance they screamed for an encore at the end. - Gary Flockhart, Edinburgh Evening News

After generating industry interest and a media frenzy at their stunning gig at The Liquid Room in June, the Corn Exchange promoters (ARP) jumped at the chance of booking Opal Sky to headline their new music venue "The Exchange".
Last year's Scottish Emergenza winners have been hailed as Edinburgh's answer to Franz Ferdinand with even Alex Kapranos himself, succumbing to the hype, attending their last sold out Glasgow gig.
Opal Sky headline in the opening two weeks alongside renowned acts such as Hugh Cornwall (ex Stranglers) and Scottish rock veterans Nazareth.
Having recruited an eclectic following of clubbers, hipsters and rockers Opal Sky surely are the Capitals best kept secret. They have stayed in control of their own fate, honing their remarkable and dynamic sound, whilst gaining interest from major record labels (EMI, Sony).
Opal Sky look set to tip the balance of the live music scene back in favour of the capital. - Music News Scotland

Kicking off with Mr Goodkat was always going to make the next band look more professional. ‘Eh, this is our new song, um . . . I can’t remember what its called,’ mumbles the singer, while outside the ladies toilets, Opal Sky are doing their vocal warm-ups.

Where Mr Goodkat sound metallic and disorganised, Opal Sky are focussed and fully charged - delivering their songs in a style that somehow manages to be alternatively turbulent and elegant. ‘Dead and Gone’ stood out as a potential single, all fluttering keyboards and teasing guitars, but their sound is defined by the full-throated vocals of Karina Hay, purity and sensuality found in the voice of a dirty angel.

Clearly feeling in the company of friends, she removes a piece of chewing gum from her mouth and wraps it in her set list, before chatting about what she’s been watching on TV and her dentist appointment which jarred with the poignant beauty of the music. Sometimes it’s best to let the songs do the talking, because in this case they had a tugging urgency that demands all our attention.

(Anya Docherty) - The List

Opal Sky - Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow - 06/03/07
Written by Colin Jackson
Mar 08, 2007

Having been crowned 'Best Unsigned Band in Scotland' in 2003 OPAL SKY soon received label recognition. Relentless gigging and release of their debut EP on Broken Clothing Records garnered much critical acclaim, before long term illness to guitarist Tony resulted in the band taking an enforced and prolonged sabatical.

Following their return to live peformances mid 2006, OPAL SKY are now back in full swing and currently laying down tracks for their debut album. And despite playing only a couple of dates so far in 2007 anyone watching tonight's performance would have thought they'd never been away!.

From the opening bars of 'St German' to the closing notes of (new song) 'The Blue Of You' the two thirds full Nice'n'Sleazy crowd were treated to an amazingly powerfull and bluesy set. In singer Karina,, OPAL SKY must boast one of the most soulful (and loud) vocalists in the country. (Don't believe me...? Just have a listen - preferably through headphones - to the track 'Dead And Gone' on the band's My Space page.)

Whilst the aforementioned track showcases the sheer DRAMA and power of the band, 'Feed This Good' highlights a more subtle and eminently darkly danceable side to the Edinburgh five-piece. By mixing the (and I mean this in a complimentary way) Dire Straights-style opening guitar riffs with a thumping, bass line, the track takes a little bit of a menacing mood. This is lightened by Thilo's keyboards and Karina's more seductive and laid-back vocals.

Strangely, although some of the guitar riffs take the listener straight back to Seventies rock bands, OPAL SKY are anything BUT of that ilk. They manage to blend both the old and the new so well and seamlessly to produce a distinctive and highly polished sound.

And throughout the set, Karina happily interacts with the crowd - something many bands neglect.

And throughout the set, Karina happily interacts with her leggings - something many bands should adopt!

The final number in their thirty minute set will hopefully be included on future recordings. 'The Blue Of You' is quite simply one of the best songs I have heard this year to date, and unlike with some bands whom I've not seen before, this bluesy number was instantly likeable. 'Likeable'? - Loveable!

OPAL SKY have the image; they have the professionalism; they have the songs; they have the leggings! If there is any justice in this world OPAL SKY will not be without a label much longer!

- www.loudhorizonmusic.com


Official Releases:
April 2005 - "Live at the Liquid Room" - EP
(Broken Clothing Records)

February 2006 - 4 Track promo CD (free)
August 2006 - Dead&Gone-Video

New single to be released summer 2007.



'Opal Sky are focussed and fully charged - delivering their songs in a style that somehow manages to be alternatively turbulent and elegant. Karina Hay, purity and sensuality found in the voice of a dirty angel.' THE LIST

Opal Sky are a tremendous live band from Scotland who through their lyrics, killer melodies and rockin grooves, create a massive and lush sound that draws you in and holds you captive. Their talent and stage present has already seen them appearing on Scottish television and supporting major acts such as Paolo Nutini.

The five piece sprung up in Edinburgh in 2003 and played relentlessly creating a substantial fan base of eclectic followers. By August of that year they had already inherited the title 'Best Unsigned band in Scotland' when they won the Emergenza Battle of the Bands at Glasgow Carling Academy going on to play the Astoria London at the UK final. This success gained them a record deal with Broken Clothing Records, through which they put out their debut EP in spring 2005. 'Live at the Liquid Room', recorded in their hometown, was a statement about the quality of their live performance. After promoting the EP through a successful tour of Scotland in April '05, the bubble burst and Tony, the guitarist, was struck down by long-term illness. This resulted in the band taking a break from performing, and so they sunk their teeth into writing new material and maintaining their profile.

In 2006, after one year away from the live scene, Opal Sky completed a tour in march played festivals in Germany in August as well as completing their debut music video "Dead and Gone". They also started recording an album which would eventually be shelved since the band wasn't 100% happy with where it was going. Instead, they decided to retreat to a remote cottage in the Scottish borders to write new material that would push the musical envelope further but also maintain the typical OS-trademarks at the same time.

Now, they are back with their catchiest and best songs yet. Recording sessions at LaChunky studios in Glasgow earlier this year went well and finally - after countless demos over the years trying to find their sound - they seem to be happy and ready to unleash this onto the public. Looking to release two singles this summer with a tour and festivals in Germany on the way the band is more confident than ever that this should be a fantastic year for all things Opal Sky.

"'The Blue Of You' is quite simply one of the best songs I have heard this year.....instantly likeable. 'Likeable'? - Loveable!" - Colin Jackson loudhorizonmusic.com

contact: opalsky@hotmail.com