Operative Defect

Operative Defect

 Reston, Virginia, USA

The latest in pure heavy metal and talent straight out of the world's capitol, Washing D.C.'s metro area!! Dark, brutal, and fast entwined with digital torments paint heart-felt potraits of ridicule for society's true demons and false prophets that tear away at humanity's goodness




All in the Name

Written By: OpDefect(chris g.)

its never enough
just to walk with your own god
when over and over you can't
help but fall short-
'death or belief' is your
bullshit behavior while
over and over your faith is
the 'safe place' you hide-

'never, no never enough-

nothing from nothing,
what are your demons without
you here to serve us?
'here's to your demons!

*don't call it a comeback,
i've been here for years*
its that deep dogma dollar,
that well-oiled machine-
you've got redemption for sale,
but never again,
we're not going to bow no more-

no matter what lies,
i can never cross sides-

here's to your demons!

Burning Down the Projex

Written By: OpDefect(Chris G.)

i've got a pocket full of nothin
but something just keeps me wanting
gone through life with next to nothing so i'm killing!
i've got some messages that need pumpin'
a 12gauge double-barrel rage behind a mind thats done crunkin
that tried to paint me as a junky,
locked up in this cell but i will stop at nothing-
a living hell, fuck it
even my friends tried to bump me
thats why im setting fires to wires and burning bridges, back up!

bitch, back up!
you fucks can see me now,
bitch, back up!
sleep now in the fire!

shut up shut out,
you suck my life away so just-
get up, get out,
fuck this i'm blasting everything-

it's like insane,
how deep im holding in the pain
left out in the rain
inside, im feeling like a freight train
its hard to say how much shit i can sustain
i'm about to drop the bomb and send 'em runnin for the high plains
high spaces take the truth and spin it sideways-
a fulltime gig from saturdays to fridays,
i thought you knew,
this systems playin mind games
full-loaded at primetime and
shatter your mindframe-

bitch, back up!
you fucks can see me now,
bitch, back up!
sleep now in the fire!

i dont care what you want
'cause what you've been handed
has become insane!
im too busy paying the price
of what it takes to be a man!
you cant be a man
if you dont put the kid the fuck away,
you pissed away all our lives,
your decisions all were in vain,

Baby's Taxi

Written By: Operative Defect

I've worked all day
and now I want to hold you close,
It's getting late
Message recieved...
"Can you bring me back around?",
It's getting late

I've been so blind,
So much I've loved you for so long
Now here we are;
'Sad to find us in this state
It's getting late...

And i'm out


The Art of Hatred EP
Misanthrope LP now in production