Open Arms, Fast Hands

Open Arms, Fast Hands

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Open Arms, Fast Hands is a fresh, collective project coming out of Montreal. Playful, haunting vocals ride over top of live looping of violin, keys, bass and guitar. Driving electronic beats combine to create a thrilling soundscape and a captivating performance.


Open Arms Fast Hands formed in late 2011, combining the talents of Faisal Shennib, Laura Beach, and Joseph Thibodeau. Through free flowing improvisation the group collectively writes songs that capture the thrill of musical exploration. Melodically rich, the anthems produced are driving, enthralling and soulful.

During live performances structured songs are woven together through improvised atmospheric soundscapes.

Influences include the Knife, the Cocteau Twins, Underworld and My Bloody Valentine.

The band has a solid and growing fanbase. Having met with success at popular venues in Montreal, Open Arms, Fast Hands looks forward to bringing their sound to wider audiences across Canada this summer.

Fans say:

"It's... different."

"Do you know how to get face off of a shirt? Because mine just melted all over me half way through their set."


Do you Dream

Written By: Laura Beach

when you close your eyes
what do you see?
when you sleep
what do you dream?

i see the masses
huddled in the trees
praying, praying
for the return of the bees
learning to hunt
learning to run
shielding their skin
from the burning sun

when you close your eyes
what do you see?
when you sleep
what do you dream?


Open Arms, Fast Hands is currently working on their debut EP.

The first two completed songs on the debut EP "then i let go" are available here.

Additional songs can be found on our website ( including live, off-the-floor recordings.