Open Choir Fire

Open Choir Fire


OCF's music has been labeled "neo-grunge", referred to as "brilliant, rockin', quirky, and sweet" and been described as "a richly diverse collection of sounds and styles."


OPEN CHOIR FIRE is a respected 6 year veteran of the Seattle indie rock scene. Following 3 years of playing local showcases and distributing free home recordings, they released their first studio album in early 2006. The 5 song EP, entitled “In Each Appropriate, Everlasting and Not,” received overwhelmingly high praise from local press, as well as some lighthearted ribbing for the lengthy title. Critics simultaneously credited the band with having an inventive and diverse sound, while still managing to have qualities reminiscent of early 90’s grunge rock. Over the years their music has been labeled "neo-grunge", referred to as "rockin', quirky, and sweet" and been described as "a richly diverse collection of sounds and styles." References to the Pixies and the Talking Heads are not uncommon, although in general, references are numerous and often contradictory (e.g. Fugazi, Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse). Strikingly, OCF has been able to achieve a cohesive sound and still manage to satisfy listeners with a wide variety of tastes.

“Dirt Bathed and Quilted,” OCF’s first full length release, carries the same eclectic style typical of earlier recordings. However, the album represents a moderate departure for the band. In addition to some creative instrumentation and production, more of the songs have a catchy/melodic overtone than “In Each…” Nevertheless, fans of a harder edged sound will not be disappointed by tracks like “Killing the Messenger,” “A Vow of Poverty…”, and “I Stay Real Quiet”. The new full length album, recorded over Labor Day weekend in 2008, was released at a pair of CD release shows in Tacoma and Seattle July of 2009.

Since the 2009 release OCF has enjoyed airplay and a live appearance on Seattle's world renowned indie rock station 90.3 KEXP. Currently, the band continues to play shows regularly in the Pacific Northwest. They are working feverishly on a new full length album to be released hopefully in late summer of 2010.


2003 - Untitled - 4 song demo
2004 - "Mississippi Painful" - 18 song acoustic folk and country.
2005 - "Water" - 5 song demo/EP
2006 - "Jason's Basement" - 3 song web release
2006 - "Ball of Wax: Volume 3" - local Seattle compilation featuring "Nice and Neat" from upcoming EP
2006 - "In Each Appropriate, Everlasting and Not" - First professionally recorded and distributed release.
2007 - "Ball of Wax: Volume 9" - local Seattle compilation featuring new song "Over Her"
2009 - "Beep Repaired Family Tree" - local Seattle compilation featuring old gem "Pirate"
2009 - "Dirt Bathed and Quilted" - First full length album
2009 - "No Recession" by psuedo country band "Mississippi Painful". Limited edition full length distrubuted for free with OCF albums
2009 - "Ball of Wax: Volume 19" - local Seattle compilation featuring new song "Clara"

The song "Catholic Guilt" from "Water" has received airplay on KEXP. Several songs from 2006 "In Each..." and 2009 "Dirt Bathed..." have been played on Seattle's KEXP, KNDD, KUPS, and other college radio stations. "Things You Have to Do", "Candle", "Get In Line", and "You Should Take The Bus" are the most popular tracks from OCF's latest two releases.

Set List

We generally play 8 songs which works out to be about 35-40 minutes, although we can play longer if requested. A typical set consists of 1 or 2 songs from "In Each Appropriate...", 1 older tune, and 4 to 6 songs from "Dirt Bathed and Quilted". We occasionally cover "Warning Sign" by the Talking Heads.

Songs currently in rotation:

Catholic Guilt (Water 2005)
Raid On Your Crabs (Water 2005)
Things You Have to Do (In Each... 2006)
Candle (In Each... 2006)
Oh Grace (In Each... 2006)
Nice and Neat (In Each... 2006)
Pooh Crisis (In Each... 2006)
Big Regret (Dirt Bathed...2009)
A Vow of Poverty a Million Generations Couldn't Fix (Dirt Bathed...2009)
Righty-O (Dirt Bathed...2009)
What Is This Wrath Coming From Above (Dirt Bathed...2009)
You Should Take the Bus (Dirt Bathed...2009)
Get In Line (Dirt Bathed...2009)
Killing The Messenger (Dirt Bathed...2009)
I Stay Real Quiet (Dirt Bathed...2009)
It's Love, It's Hard (Dirt Bathed...2009)
It Won't Always Be Like This (Dirt