Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy


Open Door Policy's sound combines infectious melody and clever dynamics to create energetic songs brimming with explosive choruses and lyrical positivity.


Open Door Policy have played their catchy, infectious and head boping music to hundreds of ears in the past year.
From Vicar Street in Dublin to Cyprus Avenue in Cork, the band continues to play in high profile venues around the country. Open Door Policy's live show is consistent with pure raw energy and fun!

Open Door Policy has had the oppertunity to play with great bands such as the immediate, give a man a kick, the flaws, evil harrisons, sandzkrit, heritage centre and panda kopanda.

With thier new EP just recorded, the band are rehearsing for it's release in late september.

Set List

Our typical set list is about 40mins.

Bending out of design
Anywhere from here
Sugar in my veins
Short but sweet
Drive you home
Day by day
Start at the end
Live Life in inverted commas