Open Fields

Open Fields


Indie rock/pop outfit with lush textures, carefully crafted melodic hooks, jangly guitars, and driving rock sections. Rich rock songs that do not shy away from pop elements but attempt to create great beauty and complexity from simple song elements.


Open Fields is a Montreal indie rock/pop project that juxtaposes
lofty, melodic vocals with epic song cycles, crunchy guitar riffs and feedback crescendos. Their songs make you feel happy while
simultaneously breaking your heart. Matthew Thomson (guitars,
vocals) and Justin Avery (drums) began playing music together in
high school in small-town Newfoundland. Next came Danielle
Hamel (vocals, keys), who began dating Thomson and lending her
voice to his solo material in 2002. After starting the heavily 90's
influenced noisy guitar/pop vocals outfit, The Corduroys, the two
moved to Montreal to attend university. Fast forward to 2008, with
Avery turning in his St. John's address for a Montreal area code,
the trio decided to put an end to high school monikers and began
a new effort, Open Fields. They are now joined by Gatineau
native Louis Charest on bass and releasied their second effort, an
EP entitled You Gave Up The Ghost, in April 2010. It is a follow-up to their 2008 debut Love What You're Left With.


You Gave Up The Ghost EP - April 2010
Love What You're Left With LP - April 2008

Set List

5 to 7 songs, 30 - 40 minute set list, all original songs.