Open, Parachute!

Open, Parachute!


Brought together by common aspirations, these five hardworking friends strive to create something unique and exciting. Based out of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, this five piece act produces an optimistic and inspiring sound both in its original composition and energetic live show.


Nanaimo’s Open, Parachute! is truly an inspiring act. Borrowing evenly from the heartbreaking ambience of Sigur Rós, the thundering crescendos of The Mars Volta, and the sonic density of Glassjaw - Open, Parchute! is not willing to compromise their vision. Fostering an intense live show that leaves the audience breathless and the band themselves bruised, they strive to create bold and challenging soundscapes that convey both a sense of hope and beauty in the struggle. Open, Parachute! will be touring Canada in support of their self-titled E.P. this summer. Visit the band at or


1. "Open, Parachute!" (5-song E.P.)
2. "Got Pop? Cd Sampler Vol. 1" (Compilation)

Set List

1. Geneva Secorda
2. The Westwood Mission
3. No Great Mischief
4. Meika Tennant
5. Sub Rosa
6. Art & Credit Cards

-appx. 35 min. set
-no covers