Open Sails

Open Sails

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Open Sails are female-fronted rock band on a mission. The 5 members understand the roles of performers means leaving fans with an unforgettable experience. With catchy songs and uplifting messages, audiences will relate to the passion behind the music. Get ready to sing along at a venue near you!


Open sails formed with the vision of creating music to inspire and encourage. In 2012, founding members Jared Christopher, Joy Lynn and Terence Gillespie sought to establish a sound that was unique to their own and with mass appeal. Through contact with mutual friends, Chris Doi and Casey Adams came on board to share in Open Sails vision. Together they have produced a polished rock/pop sound accompanied with an energetic and emotionally charged live show.
In the past year Open Sails has shared the stage with some of the best talent that Canada has to offer. Playing shows alongside Silverstein, The Wonder Years, Brighter Brightest and The Red Threat they are showing no signs of slowing down.

Open Sails have just released their debut full length album and will be touring Western Canada this summer.



Written By: Joy Lynn

Hanging on a goodbye
Your voice resonates in my head
the things you said will
never be ok
now all you are is in the shadows
haunting me
when you're gone it feels like
i can't let you

this is my breakdown
throwing fists till i hit the ground
now i see that you'll never be
good enough for me

i remember when i still had friends
and they warned me
not to trust you
but i wasn't
strong enough to leave
and all of those things you said
when you told me
that i'd never be good enough
never again will i
take it lying down


On June 24th, 2014, Open Sails released their debut self-titled album. It is now available on itunes and can be streamed for free at

Set List

Open Sails shows can accommodate half hour to a full hour set of original, energetic and emotionally charged rock songs. They are also can adapt to more intimate venues and perform their sets acoustically. Their set also can include a variety of cover songs.