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Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia
Band Rock Metal


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"Opensight's music always comes from unusual places"

Today Ivan David from acclaimed Columbian hard-prog rockers Opensight tells us about "Deleted Scene" from their brand new EP "The Voice Of Nothing". Here is the story: Opensight's music always comes from unusual places, I always come up with songs trying to emulate something I've heard or seen in a movie soundtrack, a videogame or music outside of the rock/metal genre. Something sophisticated, with a dramatic vibe.

"Deleted Scene" is the most complex song on "The Voice of Nothing" and is a great example of it. I was listening to an old videogame soundtrack and laid down the verse riff which sounded heavy, so I came up with a clean version of the riff to place before the verse, in order to build anticipation and to get a violent contrast as soon as the verse started.

The intro of the song was inspired by movie soundtracks, the James Bond soundtracks in particular which use a lot of chromatic sequences that give a cool dramatic effect. The little clean guitar solo on top sounds a bit jazzy and it fits very well. I demoed it and realized I wanted an Ennio Morricone kind of guitar sound for the chords, since I'm a huge fan of the ambience created by those western soundtracks. When we were mixing the song in the studio I showed Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" to Engineer/Producer Daniel Gongora and told him I wanted that kind of sound for the section (Not a very rock/metal kind of choice, hehe). I heard that song on the movie "Kill Bill" and always found Tarantino's approach very inspiring. I identify very much with his passion and his respect for influences.

The midsection of the song is an odd tempo riff that sounds massive thanks to the keyboards and the kind of chords I chose. It makes me think of something out of a war film, like theme song of the movie "Where Eagles Dare". Iron Maiden wrote a song about the movie and used the theme song to open their concerts way back (on the "World Piece Tour" I think). "Deleted Scene" has lyrics that deal with the bad times in your life that you want to forget about, so the name points to it right away and also serves as a reference to movies in general, which are a huge inspiration on the song and on Opensight's music overall.

So there's an Opensight song. Movie soundtracks, contrasts, a couple of high pitched riffs, some heaviness, introspective lyrics, clean passages here and there and some drama, but still catchy! At the end it doesn't sound like all the stuff I mentioned, I tried to emulate something and got a different result, and I love that!

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"Quite an achievement!"

First thing that struck me was the excellent art work for this release, courtesy of mister David also. Very professional and intriguing. Second was the length of the songs. For progressive tinged metal, 3 to 4 minutes is rather short. But don´t jump to conclusion´s yet…

I was very impressed by the quality on offer here. The production is clear and inventive at times. The playing is very enjoyable and the voice of Ivan may not have the biggest range in the field, but has a little rough edge to it that I like very much. Yet the most important thing are the songs. Here the band have recorded 5 tracks for this release and if those are anything to go by, this band is a welcome addition to any collection. I think they showcase a band with a keen eye for melody, adventurous arrangements and songs with identity. Quite an achievement! - Your Music Blog

"An excellent release from a remarkable band – well worth your time."

An excellent release from a remarkable band – well worth your time.

Hailing from Columbia, Opensight combine elements of progressive rock (especially in their syncopated rhythms and fluid guitar solos), Swedish metal in the vein of Opeth and Katatonia and even some elements of NWOBHM within their carefully structured songs. This disc ‘the voice of nothing’ follows on from the band’s debut (‘prosthetic soul’) which received decent reviews from pretty much across the board and it shows a band who are unafraid to experiment with sounds and textures and to push themselves musically to create an engaging and fascinating EP.

Opening track ‘only when’ opens with a staccato rhythm before Ivan David introduces vocals which are a menacing rasp rather than a towering roar although you can hear the potential for the latter. The effect is curiously European in style echoing bands such as Hunter (Poland) and Katatonia (Sweden) without sounding directly like either. While the opening to the song is solid, if unremarkable, around the two minute mark the track segues into a beautiful instrumental passage and you start to realise what Opensight are all about. Moreover when the heavy guitars do kick back in, underpinned by some remarkable drumming from Giovanny Nino and overlaid with an understated but beautiful solo from Carlos Gomez the track is made complete and you can appreciate the build up and atmosphere of the song. Heavier is ‘former heroes’ which has a hint of traditional rock to it with a storming riff, multiple vocals subtly overlaying one another and a memorable chorus not to mention another great solo. Once again, the beauty is in the details with delicate flourishes and moments which reference Opeth at their most jazz-influenced.

Offering up something of a surprise, the band switch to a gentle Pink Floyd mode on third track ‘deleted scene’ which is a wonderful piece of music that moves through a range of moods and styles. After the initially quiet opening, a thunderous barrage of riffs knocks the listener sideways while the vocals become steadily more insistent as each track arrives. Once again, while the whole band are technically proficient, special mention must go to the remarkable drumming skills of Giovanny whose playing is simply astounding. ‘Absolute truth’ is a storming track with a great opening punch that then relaxes for a verse that crackles with tension. Hinting at early Megadeth both vocally and with the riffs which come thick and fast it’s probably the most straight forward track on the disc, but it’s also a great moment which get’s the head moving. The final track of this distressingly short EP is ‘Skeptic’c creed’ which rounds things out on fine form with a blistering riff opening the song before Ivan pushes his voice for a verse which sees him competing with gloriously heavy drums and guitar. Better still the chorus is a complex, jarring, jazz-influenced beast and the band move through various musical elements as the song progresses.

Opensight are a genuinely unique, powerful, rock band. This brief EP offers myriad ideas and showcases the band’s technical prowess in a glowing light. Probably easiest labelled progressive, there are so many elements going on in the head’s of this Coumbian band that the music largely defies categorisation yet it still sounds cohesive and convincing. Fans of the recent surge of progressive themed metal such as Opeth, Katatonia, the more recent Iron Maiden albums and Tool will find a huge amount to admire here and you can find out more (as well as download the track ‘only when’) at the band’s website . An excellent release from a remarkable band – well worth your time. - SONICABUSE.COM


Prosthetic Soul - 2008
Some tracks with streaming and radio airplay: Below Animal, Phantom Limb, Beyond Man

The Voice Of Nothing - 2011
Some tracks with streaming and radio airplay: Only When, Former Heroes, Deleted Scene



Opensight is a band with an honest and versatile vision of music. Their songs are born from the rock/metal background but are inspired by the sophistication of progressive music and the dramatic effect of cinema. Dynamics are created thanks to contrasts, where the agression and dissonance are met with melody and athmospherics, resulting in songs with complex arrangements but simple structures. Memorable melodies, dynamic shifts, acoustic passages and lyrics that deal with personal and universal realities are the ingredients that give Opensight its identity. A band willing to experiment with music that’s progressive but not pretencious.

Those elements are featured on Opensight’s debut “Prosthetic Soul”, which got rave reviews from media and audiences alike, including high profile publications like Rolling Stone Magazine. “Prosthetic Soul” gave a starting point for the band’s vision and the opportunity to work with Jim Morris, who mastered the recording at Morrisound Recording at Tampa, FL. A couple of years later, the band is presenting their second effort “The Voice Of Nothing” which was engineered at the new AN7 Studios and shows a more adventurous selection of songs; increasing the drama and atmosphere, but keeping the melody and emotion that defines the music of the band.

Opensight has established itself as a live band first and foremost, doing live presentations in different cities in Colombia and being part of festivals that have gathered over 7.000 people. The sound, performance and general professionalism are aspects that make Opensight an ideal live band, with concerts being crucial in its developement and growth.