Open Space Project

Open Space Project


Open Space Project is a unique Jam Band that performs original rock, jazz, latin, and funk grooves. Familiar dance beats give way to transcendent instrumental exploration that simply must be heard. Good vibes, a fun atmosphere, and impressive musicianship are the norm for OSP.


Open Space Project formed in early 2004, when we first jammed together in a garage in Woodside, CA. Our grooves felt fantastic from the start and so we knew that we were on to something fun and creative. We have stuck together as a family, rehearsing frequently and performing many local shows in the past few years.

Our approach to music is an open, collaborative environment where we try to support each other's growth and creative process. Many of our original songs and jams are developed collectively and allowed to evolve over time. We like to include many other musicians in our projects, and so we usually have a spot prepared for guests. In the past we have worked with Phil Coulson, Matt Hartle, Chris Zanardi, Jerry Brown, Mikey Henderson, Sam Flot, Peter Sawyer, Nick Peters, David Jayne, and John Brennan, among many others.

Lance Case is a virtuoso lead guitarist with a variety of influences, Steve Kimock, Steve Vai, Jerry Garcia, Joe Satriani to name a few. He sets this band apart from most other jambands with his incredible chops and lifetime of growth as a guitarist.

Robert Planting is an experienced and talented rhythm guitar player. Robbie provides the richness of the OSP sound, a combination of sensible details and coherent rhythmic direction. His influences include Bob Dylan, Dave Grisman, Bob Weir, and Leo Kottke

Ryan Vandenbroeck is one of the best new keyboardists to arrive on the scene in recent years. His agile, yet groovy style and impressive compositional ability make him a heavy hitter in any musical lineup. His vast array of musical influences contribute to the breadth of OSPs sound. He is out playing with a lot of bands these days so expect great things from him!

Brian Vandemark is an experienced and highly-skilled bassist, with roots in classical bass training, and influences such as Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Michael Manring to name a few. Brian lays down unusually rapid and complex bass lines that are locked tight to the musical melodic and rhythmic motives. He supercharges OSP with a launch vehicle that takes us beyond the atmosphere.

Jae Hendrickson is a wildly experimental and talented drummer. His rock-solid grooves and tight work with Brian are complimented by his adventuresome technical expressions. He is the unrelenting engine that transports us sonically to other worlds over vast distances.


JAMS 2005 Compilation
Gabka 2006 Compilation
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Set List

Some of our complete setlists are available at

Here is a typical setlist of a two set show:

Set 1:
1. Funky Bitch
2. Lolita Phatjo
3. 4 Foot Lucy
4. Broken Record
5. Waiting for a Miracle
6. Swamp Dog
7. Its Up 2 U
Set 2:
1. Its Your Life
2. The Recycling Bin
3. Crystal Ripp
4. Cian Ago>
5. Jam
6. When I Paint my Masterpiece
7. Hooker River
8. Beginner’s Kit
9. The Other One
10. Baba Tojak
11. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama