Open Swimmer

Open Swimmer

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Open Swimmer are an Avante-garde pop band, taking influence from the likes of Sufjan Stevens as well as the infectious beats of N.E.R.D. Their eclectic influences have lead them to being one of Scotland's most exciting new exports.


Open Swimmer began as the brainchild of Australian born songwriter Ben TD, whose eclectic influences of pop and folk music have lead him to tour the world, performing around Australia, Asia and Europe before settling in Glasgow, Scotland.

In Glasgow, Ben met three like-minded musicians in Scots; Richy Carey and Kirsty MacIntyre, and Swedish percussionist Martin Cathcart Frödén, each sharing a collective interest in creating a tight, cohesive sound that explores the boundaries of modern pop music. The result of this mélange is a progressive, almost Avante-garde pop record, recorded at “a pocket full of stones” studio in Melbourne, Australia with acclaimed producer Nick Huggins (Whitley, Otouto).

Having spent much of 2010 consummating their live performance to reflect the delicateness and power of the record, Open Swimmer plan to use 2011 as a platform to render them one of Scotland’s most forward thinking new bands.


Sugarbowl - Single. Released by London label Eli and Oz

Set List

Beautiful Song
Low Hum
Old Fox
Steady Arms
Bending Trees
A Sentence