Open Systems

Open Systems


Exhilrating noise, Sonic Feedback, Lyrically Enticing. Far out space music for a new generation.


Open Systems
It’s difficult to say what one might expect at a show by Open Systems.
Traditional song format or spaced out controlled sonic feedback jams with a twist of improvisation. Colorful costumes and lights or eerie acoustic music that sounds like it was dug up at a cemetery. Usually it’s a little bit of everything. It’s difficult as well to link them to any of their influences: The Velvet Underground, The Breeders, Pink Floyd, The Beattles and Led Zepplin. Which given the circumstances is entirely understandable. Charlie Moore, Graceland University Allumni, plays his bass more like Jimi Hendrix than Les Claypool, smooth lows and armor piercing highs that mingle with Joey Dinatale’s pulsing tribal beats and atmosphere crashing cymbals that sounds vaguely familiar to Rush’s Neil Pert. Mix that with Owlzee Cowling’s haunting vocals, eclectic feedback, and melodic guitar and you will have yourself a malitov cocktail sure to set fire anywhere it hits. . The lyrics are the crème of the crop, so to speak. Ranging from different topics like isolation, loneliness, love, and faith, all the way across the spectrum, to politically charged rants reminiscent of Henry Rollins and Jello Biafra. Not to mention the improvisational, spur of the moment “I love you all” spoken word poetic hiccups over soundscape loops that riddle the later part of most of their sets making the audience feel connected with one another and the musicians themselves. Incorporating antics like bending light with smoke and mirrors and samples from movies and television make for an all around entertaining time. They hail from different areas of Missouri. All with their own keen interest and different personalities that really shine thru in the music, making it nearly addictive and cult like for those who are apart of the experience.
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Written by Solomon Lewis New Years Eve at Club Shooters Blue Springs Missouri 2007.


Devils Doctors

Written By: Owlzee Cowling

Can you hear the angel's wings beating around your head
no matter how far you take your devildom you can save your self in the end
and i hope you know you're beautiful 'cause i can see you are you have a similiar glow to a shooting star thats burning
we are the doctors and this is our surgury
lift your face up to the sun remember everything you love
forget all the evil things the past is dead and gone
and i hope you know your beautiful
'cause i can see you are you have a similiar glow to a shooting star
thats burning
we are the doctors and this is our surgury
forceps and suchors are dancing in chemicals stiches leave scars but that means we've healed


Dremes 2005
Samsara 2006
Open Sytems 2007

Set List

Standard Format songs Range from 3 minutes to Five minutes, There 60 we choose from. Shows generally get 8 or 9 of these songs, with room saved for improvisation, loops, and feedback montages. Very few covers.