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"misc. press"

Lyrically flowing, musically innovative political hip-hop in the old-school tradition of Public Enemy and KRS-One." - Chicago Sun-Times, Sept. 21, 2001

"Baba, A true Poet" NY TIMES

"Mission District-based Wide Hive presents well-cured cuts from Brooklyn hip-hop threesome Open Thought. On "Force of Life," lush beats, bass plucks, trumpet puffs and turntablist flair serve as the funky foundation for MC Baba's life-affirming lyrics about staying focused despite the obstacles we encoutner in our day-to-day lives. The flipside track, "Cold Cut," tells an all-too familiar story about a jailed inner city youth whose only crime was being black and in the wrong place at the wrong time."

-By Bill Picutre -SF Examiner - Wed. December 10, 2003

“They inspire you to continue your destiny because they are certainly finding theirs." -Derek Beres- GLOBAL RHYTHM MAGAZINE

"Possessed of one of the most pleasing voices and softest accents in hiphop – ex-Metabass MC Baba has a uniquely empathic attitude to hiphop – as well as impeccable freestyle and beatbox skills."

-Dale Harrison- Cyclic Defrost (Australia)

"A poet's heart with an emcee's bozak" CMJ magazine

"Flanked by a well-hued balance of programmed beats and live instrumentation, Baba encapsulates the flair for prose he's honed on the Nuyorican circuit within a formidable shell of mic skills." - Shout NY, November 2001.

"The album's hot- knowledge in the lyrics, and all the beats are on point. There are more than a handful of hot verses, and the album isn't just another cookie cutter representation, so the replay factor is high on this one."- Yellow Rat Bastard, Fall 2001.

"Baba is far from your ordinary emcee. Rather than discuss his numerous hoes in different area codes, Baba feeds our minds with mysticism. With an album this well reounded it is quite evident that Baba graduated with honors."- The Island Ear, Dec. 9, 2001.

"Here and there, in the pockets of the hip-hop scene still buried too deep to fall prey to the greedy, sharp-clawed grasp of commercial culture vultures, a slew of beatboxers, DJs and emcees are still living and breathing the true-school. [Mind Music] is one of the brightest and bravest full-length hip-hop releases in recent memory."- Silja J.A. Talvi, Gadfly, Sept. 2001.

"...a fine, socially conscious and just-released new album, Mind Music."- Time Out New York, July 12-19, 2001.

"Very cool, very laid back, very groovy, very good music."- Ken Wohlrob, Bully Magazine - various

"Jason Lindner"

“Rhythm provides more than a heartbeat for the pianist Jason Lindner… Mr. Lindner seems only partly interested in jazz’s idiomatic customs. What matters to him is groove, however it comes.” - New York Times

"Lindner ranks among the finest all-around pianist-composers of his generation." - Time Out New York

"This is the sound of young New York, and one of the US's brightest jazz hopes - pianist Jason Lindner" - BBC, London

" of the most impressive big bands to emerge in years... filled with declarative themes, recurring motifs and varying temperaments that range from elegant balladry to body-rocking grooves." - JazzTimes Magazine

“The arrangements [are] as full as an orchestra twice this one’s size…individuals excite, even astonish…Over nine glorious tracks, everyone gets to shine. Live at the Jazz Gallery is a strong contender for 2007’s TOP-10 lists.”
Michael J. West - Downbeat Magazine

"This guy [Lindner] is tearing up the jazz scene. Easy to see why. He has enough personality to make his presence felt in the midst of a roaring big band ...Don't miss this one!" - Keyboard Magazine - Various

"Beatbox Article Village Voice"

"It's the human mouth beating technology at its own game," explains
veteran beatboxer Baba Israel. "Laptops can break down, and I've been at
shows where the DJ didn't show up or the turntable stopped working. So
beatboxers are always saving the day." Baba Israel quoted in the Village
Voice article on Beatboxing December 5th, 2006. - Village Voice December 5th 06

"XXL article on subway party"

"I think a lot of this generation has lost contact with the street side of
hip-hop, the street side meaning literally rockin' in the street," says
Baba Israel, 32, a NYC beat boxer and MC who has attended three rides.
"It brings the feeling that hip-hop has an urgency, a playfulness and a
need to interact with the world directly." XXL magazine article on the
Subway Series beatbox train party - XXL magazine 06

"Baba Israel and Yako selected for URB Next 100 2007"

Long-time ambassadors of NYC's underground rap scene, this duo dropped and indie gem of and album with '06's Beatbox Dub Poetics, a work that pivots seamlessly between pensive sociopolitical passion and ferocious mid-tempo B-boy burners. But nothing so concrete could capsulate what they bring to the stage: one of the livest hip-hop shows NYC has ever seen. "Improvisation is a big thing that makes us unique," says Baba, who estimates that half of their set is typically unplanned. Both sensational beatboxers, Baba rips mics on the regular while Yako rocks multi-instruments (mostly bass). Just wait until they bust out the didgeridoo, though. KP - URB Magazine



Duv- feat. Open Thought Music
URBAN ARTISTIK (subphonik music group 2008)

Jason Lindner-
Anat Cohen - Notes From The Village - Anzic Records
Giulia Valle - Enchanted House - Fresh Sound Records
Jason Lindner Big Band - Live at the Jazz Gallery - Anzic Records
Talk To Me [Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Atlantic/Wea
Me'shell Ndegeocello - The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams – Decca

Baba Israel and Jason Lindner-
Dana Leong - Anthems of Life - Tatao Sound

Baba Israel and Yako 440- feat. Jason Lindner and Duv
BEATBOX DUB POETICS (subphonik music group 2006)
Open Thought- FORCE OF LIFE (earshot records OZ/NZ 2003)
Open Thought- FORCE OF LIFE 12" (widehive records 2003)
Baba- MIND MUSIC (velour records 2001)



Baba Israel and Yako 440 met at a loft party in Brooklyn New York City in the year 2000. Baba was rhyming and Yako got on the drums, piano, and just about every other instrument around. There was an instant musical connection and after going on national tour with DJ Logic they knew that they would be making music for a long time.

In 2001, Baba and Yako were teaching music production workshops at a community center called The Door where they met a gifted young singer named Duv. They were blown away by his talent and good vibe and went into the studio soon after. The three started recording and performing and when they wanted to add live keys they turned to jazz legend Jason Lindner. Baba had known Jason from Smalls Jazz club and from jamming with him all over NYC. Jason brought the deep jazz, soul, and electronic edge to their sound.

They have combined as Open Thought Music to create music that merges the strong beat of Hip Hop with the melody of Soul and Jazz. Their performances showcase original songs and improvisation. They are not only gifted performers but generous educators who love to connect with local artists and interact with the audience.