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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Let's Get It On Album review"

"Great to hear a band with ideas"
"Wire-sharp indie style basslines" - The Crack Magazine

"Oh Yeah EP Review"

"Impossible to pigeonhole and probably a lot of fun live" - NARC Magazine


Woohoo Freebies (EP) 2010
Let's Get It On! (ALBUM) 2010
Oh Yeah! (EP) 2008

All available from open.bandcamp.com



Formed in a blur of beats and bodypaint, during a freak psychedelic incident in 2006, O.P.E.N. are a refreshing antidote to the stagnant pop music culture that exists today.
O.P.E.N. make autonomous music for people to party to. Sail across a cheesy sea of funk, weaving between punk pirates, giant jazz jellyfish, heavy metal blizzards, dub whales and, of course, a whole lotta rocks...
("Impossible to pigeonhole and a lot of fun live" NARC Magazine)
Flung outwards to the four corners of the universe during the big bang, these spiritual warriors have been exploring the boundaries of time and space since such things began. Now they have come to Earth and joined forces to form a frivolously funktastic foursome who make music based on one fundamental foundation; FUN! If natural resources dried up tomorrow, put O.P.E.N. in a room with some instruments and there would be enough energy to power a continent for months.
"Liberal, Liberating, Cathartic, Futuristic, Anarchic music for the new generation" - Pete Tickell - Peatbog Faeries
Over the past few years O.P.E.N. have played in front of/amongst tens of thousands of revellers and passers by, supported and been supported by some of the UK’s best loved festival bands, including Diddley Squat, Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle and hundreds more, and recorded and produced their debut album "Let's Get It On!" ("Great to hear a band with ideas" The Crack Magazine) all by themselves with no record label backing at all. Because they love it.

Listen to the album and 7-track promo EP for free at open.bandcamp.com

Having thoroughly wowed and worn out crowds at several festivals, including Eden Festival and Solfest, O.P.E.N. want to spread the good word of true music to more souls around the world who have been negatively influenced by record executives who are more interested in marketing than music. With their infectious blend of colourful characters, lovely lyrics and sonic silliness O.P.E.N. are now ready to take the festival scene by storm, bringing something for everyone and everything for someone.