Opera Chaotique
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Opera Chaotique

Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE

Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE
Band Alternative Cabaret




""A show more than extraordinary.." KC GRAD ,SERBIA"

Šou je više nego neobican, kombinuje više muzickih žanrova kao što su Opera, Džez, Kabare, Mjuzikl i drugi pretvarajuci ih u komicnu pricu.
„Operski pevac i pijanista Tenorman nastupao je samo sa velikim orkestrima. Vodoo Drummer nastupa sa džez bendovima širom sveta. Zajedno, oni mešaju dva ne-slicna žanra, Operu & Džez, provocirajuci sve stereotipe pomocu kojih stvaraju neobicno džez – opera iskustvo, u internacionalnoj Kabare veceri u kojoj se karakteri opere i muzicke slave nalaze zajedno na ulicama New Orleansa. - KC GRAD , Belgrade, SERBIA

"".. an unique show .." / Jazz & Tzaz mag, GREECE"

Don Juan,the great lover, is chasing Carmen all over the world, Charles Bukowski is in New Orleans drinking in a bar with the Phantom of the Opera, Figaro, the gossip girls of opera & other characters of opera and musical fame starring in the most surreal Jazz up Operatic comedy ever made.
- Jazz & Tzaz mag, GREECE

""Next Big Thing" / ATHENS VOICE newspaper, GREECE"

"Next Big Thing"

""An unusual show was created" / TIP BERLIN mag, GERMANY"

The One and only, The Tenorman, is singing with big orchestras. At his side is now playing only a musician, the famous Voodoo drummer. Together they mix two dissimilar genres: Opera and Jazz and creates an unusual show in which famous opera characters suddenly find themselves on the streets of New Orleans. - TIP BERLIN mag, GERMANY

""A Supernatural cabaret" / Athinorama mag, GREECE"

Mixing the peculiar forms of jazz and the technics of opera is what creates this "Chaotic Opera"!
What it results is a supernatural cabaret in a show that Opera Chaotique present the last few months in european and greek joints impressing everybody. - Athinorama mag, GREECE

""We are proud to present something actually original" / BCN mes, SPAIN"

Ladies and gentlemen, we( and the people actually responsible: festival MPB) are proud to present something that is actually original.Opera Chaotique is a three act "Jazzed- up" opera show feature Tenorman and Voodoo Drummer.You'll have the blast and the great music will help you forget the drink prices. - BCN mes, SPAIN

""They are original, they have a humorous charm" / ORKUS mag GERMANY"

"They are original, they have a humorous charm &
an exciting affinity with legendary bands such as the Irrepresibles" - "The perfect enviroment for Opera Chaotique could easily be an old ruined theater.
Beneath the yellowed, used to be gold, gallery, the worn velvet of the seats and of the curtains, the torn wallpapers & under a huge oscillating chandelier with light that trembles over a dangerously rotten ceiling could the art of the Greek band highly be emerged." - ORKUS mag GERMANY

""...a novel Jazz - Opera experience" / Exberliner magazine, GERMANY"

Who says opera has to be in fancy halls with gilded chandeliers?Must it be sung by a fat lady soprano?And does it even have to have a traditional narrative?Challenging all the stereotypes operatic singer George Tziouvaras aka Tenorman and Chris koutssogiannis aka Voodoo Drummer created a novel jazz-opera experience in an international Cabaret evening. - Exberliner magazine, GERMANY

""a musical experience entirely unique, deep & well made" / WHERE Y'AT Magazine New Orleans, US"

"...a dark theatrical album that tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera falling in love with the voodoo queen in the magical city of New Orleans.....a musical experience entirely unique, deep & well made" - WHERE Y'AT Magazine New Orleans, US


Debut Album : "Death of the Phantom of the Opera" (Hidden Track Records)

Along with the participation of Stavros Parginos (Cello) , Lito Messini (Soprano), Bob Brozman (Baglama) & Blaine Reininger from Tuxedomoon (Violin).

OPERA CHAOTIQUE present their debut album. It’s an altenative dark cabaret based on original compositions and combining various music styles such as opera elements and alternative pop-rock sounds mixed with Voodoo Chants & New Orleans jazz -blues. So, a new, unique style of music has been created
It’s a concept album with spoken interludes in which they narrate the surreal story of the Phantom’s of the Opera journey to New Orleans. There he meets & fall in love with the Voodoo Queen with a tragic ending.

Along with the colorful voice of Tenorman and the ritual drums of Voodoo Drummer the cd is dominated except of the piano, by the cello of Stavros Parginos. The album is enriched by the ethereal vocals of the soprano Lito Messini. Featuring the discreet presence of Bob Brozman on baglama (no 6) and the special approach from Blaine Reininger (Tuxedomoon) on violin (no 13).



Opera Chaotique is a Theatrical Music band,
an Alternative Pop Operatic Cabaret combining with Jazz-Rock elements, African Rhythms & Musicals.

They created a surreal “Crossover Cabaret” show, filled with musical postmodern pastiche but also with prototype compositions, all mixed with the narration of dark or comical stories, theatrical play and amazing improvisations.

Their musical journey started in May 2011, and since then they have travelled to BERLIN, PARIS, BARCELONA, LONDON, ATHENS, BUDAPEST, BUCHAREST and BELGRADE performing in front of hundreds of people and receiving excellent reviews from the European Press.

Special guests often perform in the show, such as a cello player, a soprano, Puppets, Harp player, dancers etc.


He is an opera singer, composer & pianist who has performed with the Symphonic orchestras of Athens, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Rome (with Ennio Morricone), Cheryl Studer (US) & Valery Chernov (RU), Angela Brown (US), Jolly Jumper (NR) and also sang in Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and performed in the National Theater & Opera of Greece & recorded on National TV, Radio & with Louisiana Red, Bob Brozman, Blaine Reininger (US). He has sung famous opera roles such as "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" e.t.c. & also composed music for theatrical plays (Midsummer's Night Dream” at Badminton theater, etc).

CHRIS KOUTSOGIANNIS (aka Voodoo Drummer)
He is a Jazz & Blues drummer who has performed in New Orleans, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, Bucharest, Belgrade, Limassol & Athens with Delores Scott, Angela Brown, Lucille Grace-Ridges, Randy McAllister, Kim Lenz, Heather Cornell, Shaye Cohn, Sarah Peterson, John Joyce, Chad Moore, Jodie Woodward, Meschiya Lake, Michael Dotson, Jim & Minnie Murphy (US), Bots (BE), Talis Slide, Flo Metzger (DE), Jolly Jumper & Big Moe (NR) & also recorded with Louisiana Red, Bob Brozman, Blaine Reininger, Meschiya Lake & Michael Dotson (US). His research in the roots of drumming has led him to perform with musicians in Havana (Cuba), Rio DeJaneiro (Brazil) & Porto Novo (Benin,West Africa).