BandRockHip Hop

Our music is not one particular genre. We play all kinds of music from folk rock to hip hop, from punk to reggae. Our style is definitely a unique style of play


We are Operatio, and we are from Jacksonville Florida. We are a pretty new band, but we are already having success. We have entered a battle of the bands tournament at Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, and we finished second, which allows us to advance to the semi-finals in either October or November. We also have three more local shows coming up in the first week of August.

Our influences include- Against Me, Flatfoot 56, Ben Folds, Dispatch, and many others.

We are different from other bands because of our style. We play many different styles on stage, when most bands stick to one maybe two genres. We are definitely different in that regard


New Lights and Satellites

Written By: Matt Fisher

A breath is circulating deep within my lungs, and it pushes itself out into a song I've never sung. My eyes open wide and see a city made of clouds. My ears have learned to listen now this music is so loud (3x)

I can see a new light sketched across the sky. I can see millions of planets orbited by satellites. The stars are dancing right above my head, and I'm no longer haunted by the things I never said.

I'm busting myself out of this prison we call time. I call it a blessing and you call it a crime. I'm no longer consumed with success and money. It's a great day to me if the sky is blue and sunny.

Small Town

Written By: Zack Harrison

verse1- I just came to say that I'm on my way and I'm never coming back again. It's a lonely trip all by myself but I think I'll be ok. I've got to go I've got to leave can't stand one more day. This little town is killing me and i've got to go my way.

chorus- I can't seem to find the words to describe my pain. I'm not coming back. This small town life is killing me slowly and I'm not coming back

Verse 2 Your entitled to your opinion your entitled to be wrong. Your entitled to the right to know, to know what's going on. What's going on is the fact, that I can't dispute my sins. The day that I leave this town is the day that life ends.

Bridge- This town of no existence, this town with no name. This town has little voices screaming how we're all the same. But every single man has a choice or two in life. The choice to start a gun fight when your carrying a knife.


Right now all we have out is an acoustic demo which contains acoustic versions of 7 of our songs.

Set List

We can easily do a 30-45 minute set list. These are our songs.

Bayview Hood
Hip Hop's Dead
The Man I Barely Knew
New Lights and Satellites
Penny for a Fool
Stars From up Top
Watch Him Fall
Rooftop Rebels
Small Town
Dreaming Reality
Front Porch War