Operation Beehive

Operation Beehive


Music that is available to listeners as it mixes pop sensibilities with riffs and structure that diehards should find interesting.


Operation : Beehive was formed in January 05 when school mates Elliot Smith (drums)and Thomas Cecins (guitar), who had been jamming together for a number of years, invited Elliot's older brother Clay (guitar) to join in. Shortly after another ex- Newman College student James Harris was recruited to play bass. The four members draw from a wide range of inspirations. The band has its own sound mixing intricate drumming, two guitars and subtle basslines with vocals that are underpinned with harmonies.


Forthcoming EP of 5 tracks. Recorded, produced and mixed by Adam Spark at Wing Command Studio North Perth, Western Australia July / August 07. Mastered by Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock - Sydney September 07. EP release date March 08. Radio release of "Black Magnolia" - a single from the EP Mid October 07.

Set List

The set has changed over the last few years. The new set will support the EP - Black Magnolia, Cradle, Moonshine, Ball of Thomas Rod.... and Skeleton Mousetrap. Playtime, Broken Beehive, Instrumentality along with 4 newer songs will make up the rest of the set options.