Operation ID

Operation ID

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Operation ID is avant-garde dance rock: High-energy, intelligent rock music that features free and group improvisation within structured compositions. Seattle’s only minimalistic, avant-garde, electro-pop, noise-cluster, synth-rock, free-jazz, experimental, dance-prog band.


Seattle’s only minimalistic, avant-garde, electro-pop, noise-cluster, synth-rock, free-jazz, experimental, dance-prog band.

“Operation ID is a five-piece band from Seattle with a propensity to combine enormous pop energy with experimental concepts such as free improvisation.” Originally interested in the spontaneity of free-jazz, Operation ID’s open mindedness has guided them to embrace a position of willingness when experimenting with new sounds and musical approaches. They have grown from being exclusively instrumental to frequently incorporating group vocals. Some well known influences include Steve Reich, Talk Talk, Hella, XTC, Richie Hawtin, and Deerhoof.

A first set of recorded material, entitled LEGS, is scheduled to be released in March 2011 on Table and Chairs Music. The release will feature nine songs divided into three sets of three, each set having been recorded and produced by a different engineer.

Operation ID has performed extensively, playing over twenty-five shows within the last year (2009/2010), filling up underground and DIY venues in Seattle. They toured the west coast in the Summer of 2010 and are planning another tour with local band, Heatwarmer, for summer 2011.

Individual Members:
Each band member is formally trained and demonstrates a high level of musicianship and creativity:
• Ivan Arteaga (woodwinds) is a protégé of ethereal trumpet master, Cuong Vu, and Free-Jazz great, Andrew D-Angelo. He is a time nazi and an accomplished artist of facial expressions.
• David Balatero (electric bass) has played cello since he was two years old… yeah.
• Jared Borkowski (electric guitar) grew up writing rock and pop songs, experiencing some local success with his band, The Spit-Licks, and has studied classical guitar extensively.
• Rob Hanlon (keyboards and laptop) is an award winning Jazz saxophone player who fell in love with Prince and ran away from home to join Operation ID.
• Evan Woodle (drums) is in fifteen bands.

Jared and Ivan met as jazz studies majors at the University of Washington and spent the entire summer of 2008 freely improvising together and creating compositions based on those improvisations. David joined in the fall, fallowed by Evan in 2009. Their debut quartet performance was at the Improvised Music Project Festival in April, 2009. Rob Hanlon joined in November 2009, just in time to play at the University Jazz Walk… this was the turning point, when Operation ID realized that they don’t play jazz. Then the real fun began.

The Scene:
Operation ID is now fully engaged in an exciting and rapidly growing movement of cutting-edge jazz and experimental noise music in Seattle that has recently gotten attention from the New York Times. Their brand of high energy, progressive rock music is heavily influence by the radical concepts of this strong community. All five members of Operation ID are always present at the weekly free-improvisation jam session called The Racer Sessions, which was featured in the New York Times article. Table & Chairs is a record label that has recently emerged from this new music community - the community that has been packing DIY and underground venues in Seattle — venues like the Josephine, Black Lodge, and Cafe Racer — with passionate and devoted fans for the past year.


Fake Bio:
Primarily influenced by the Seattle based, European style grime band, Crunkaloo, Operation ID strives to combine Funk and Soul to create a polished sheen of quality, in-the-pocket resonance while still remaining loyal to Jazz greats of the twentieth century. There is something for everyone in Op ID’s detailed, euphonious approach to making music. They are extremely well known for causing all connoisseurs of The Temporal Art to move their bodies during irresistible live performances, which feature a high level of seriousness and professional stage presence. The key to Operation ID’s success is an intimately personal and emotionally positive support system that properly bonds the listeners directly to the musicians. This band does it all, leaving every music lover wanting more!


Here I Am

Written By: Jared Borkowski

I am
Here I am
Only to becloud the reason
Where I am here I am
Here I am

Empty Space

Written By: Jared Borkowski

Empty, empty, empty space.
Nothing is filling...
Nothing is filling empty Space.


Written By: Jared Borkowski



Legs (to-be-released March 2011) on Table and Chairs

Set List

Think Accessories
Empty Space
Where Are You?
Here I Am
The Muse
Seal Your Sight So Your Body Is Gone
Different People's Perception of the Same Thing
--- Warning
Size Hallucinations
Love Canal
Frightened Explorer