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Opposing the forces of darkness by exposing them to the light and truth of Jesus Christ.Not merely mc's but humble and matured ministering servants to the lost hurting and dying.Disciples, Holy Spirit empowered to be radiant relections of Christ.


O.P.F.O.R. is an outreach ministry birthed from Thirteen Youth Ministries. Carrying out the God given vision of Pastor Jacob L. Pearman (Founder & Pastor of Gloryland Harvest Church), affecting the community and surrounding areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using Hip-Hop as the bait and the name of the Lord as the Hook, OPFOR is truely living as fisher of men.
Not concerned with the glitz & glam of both secular and gospel Hip-Hop , OPFOR's providing lyrical sermons pleasing to God not man. Planted on the Rock Jesus Christ and Being "upheld by the Power of His word"(Heb 1:3), OPFOR is delivering truth and watching signs follow. Preaching the uncomprimised word of God to thoughs that timid christians thought were unreachable.
One Powerful Force Of Righteousness consists of 4 preachin' M.C.'s, each with their own lyrical arsenal, but sharing in a corporate annointing. Annoynomous (PA), Lord's Sheep Dogg a.k.a. LSD (KY), B. Sweet (KY), and St.Messenga (NY), each bring a unique flavor and style to hot tracks with dynamic performance. OPFOR has opened for other Gospel Hip-Hop artists such as the Righteous Riders and the EBE Crew. St.Messenga has appeared with cousin Specialist (righteous riders) on "La Verdad/the Truth. Using life experiences such as life in the Latin Kings and trials of abuse, OPFOR shines an unfading light upon the living truth and hope found in the arms of GOD.

Set List

We can work anywhere from one song 5 minutes, to a concert 1 hour. Depending on venue and Holy Spirit