Call it versatility or schizophrenia, their methods and music are a reflection of their efforts. They will shatter preconceptions and shock everyone with their form of metal. Prepare yourselves for Opiate.


When the average, American couch-potato can manufacture their very own rock-star once a week on a reality TV series, it is refreshing - if not a bit relieving - to find a band that has the talent and dedication to manufacture themselves without the multimillion dollar hype. In fact, it was the lack of hype that allowed Opiate to shock crowds from day one. They didn’t have the pressure of fitting into any certain image. There were no expectations to live up to, and today, they still refuse to cater to the expectations of local and national stereotypes. They are molding and solidifying a craft characterized by the razor-thin edge on which they must balance, cranking out an deep, aggressive sound while maintaining raw, emotional lyrics that will move you mentally as well as in the mosh-pit.


Demo 2005

Set List

Ashes To Ash
The Passage
Prelude To Murder
Broken Halo
30-45 minutes