Opie Hendrix

Opie Hendrix


“Willie Nelson meets Elvis Costello;” would be pretty accurate, but even that can't sum up the wealth of talent of Opie Hendrix. With a truly Texas twang, he will have you two-stepping, hip-shakin', head bangin' and then swaying like the trees, and laughing into the wind.


The music Opie Hendrix creates is something we don't come across very often in the industry..."He's the real deal" HOUSTON CRONICLE
An intelligent songwriter, brilliant musician & master showman, Opie possesses an unbridled passion that is rare in today’s music. "Dude plays a mean guitar, banjo & mandolin and his backing band the Texas Tallboys can ROCK any joint". HOUSTON PRESS

Opie Hendrix currently calls Texas home & has established a considerable following in the Houston, Dallas & Austin markets. His statewide acclaimed song "My Favorite Waitress" was nominated SONG OF THE YEAR @ THE 2003 Houston Press Music Awards. Moreover, Opie was voted the years BEST ROOTS ROCK / ROCKABILLY artist. Won the award again in 2004 and honored again 2005.

Opening shows for such talent as Billy Joe Shaver, Bobby Bare Jr., Southern Rock All-Stars, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jack Ingram, Bob Schneider, Web Wilder, and Jessie Dayton, Opie Hendrix has headlined in venues across the U.S. including the legendary CBGB in New York City, Nashville's Exit Inn & 12th & Porter, Adair’s Saloon in Dallas, The Continental Club in both Austin and Houston, TX. and what seems like every Honky Tonk/ Night Club or Dancehall in between.

Forever an "Outlaw," Opie Hendrix’s musical well runs too deep for him to be pigeon holed easily. Opie Hendrix has built a solid repertoire and a reputation for his sheer audacity and fun he generates with everywhere he goes. Be they Redneck, Deadhead, Biker, Punker, Blue Collar, Ivy Leaguer, Bar hopper or Churchgoer...OPIE HENDRIX WILL SHAKE THEIR SOUL.


Golfin’ and Gravy Album: San Jacinto

Written By: Opie Hendrix 2000

Its time to start getting sentimental

Take a sad song and make it better

Twist up a little pizza

Pop a little corn

Hell hath no fury

Like a woman scorned

And if it ain’t broke

Don’t try and fix it

Take a look to the right

At that person beside you

You’ve probably known them a while

Take a look to your left

At that old beat up juke box

Play a beer drinking song

We’ll sing it all night long

Til everyone in the house

Is wearing a smile

If you get to feeling

Like you are better off dead

Like you could’ve shot an eagle

If you’d only played a wedge

Going for the trophy and barely missing
Solo: Verse in D

It’s time to start getting sentimental

Take a sad song and make it better

If you are asking me

Do you think I’ve got it made

Well the kids they are eating

And the rents getting paid

You gotta keep on singing

Even when no one is dancing

It’s time to start getting Sentimental


Chupacabra" 2006
(Songs include: Daddy's Demons, Dead in Ditch & Fire it up)
Duct Tape in Dangerous Places - (Live in Concert) 2005
SMASHED HITS - LP Y2000 on Def Texan Records
featuring the song Yellow Hammer, Texas (Bold as Love), and Loneliness
all music copyright 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006 Def Texan Records

SAN JACINTO - LP Y2003 on Def Texan Records featuring "My Favorite Waitress"
copyright 2003 Def Texan Records
#1 song TexasTop40.com

Set List

Original music mixed with any and everything the people want or Opie thinks they want to hear that is fun, entertaining and memorable. This could include original hits Yellow Hammer, Loneliness, My Favorite Waitress or Louis Armstrong, Allman Brothers, Pure Prairie League, Jimi Hendrix songs. The goal is that everyone has fun and Opie encourages you to dance.