"...they have the confidence and stage presence of seasoned pros & [Oposium] were fast paced and electrifying, playing so effortlessly..." (bhone review)


Oposium, brought together by Richard in early 2005 are a young, fresh, modern & above all exciting band focusing on musicality and alternative harmonies for their songs. Compared in some ways to a modern Genesis or The Police, the Oposium Concept is the result of bringing four highly talented musicians together & giving them an environment in which they can be totally creative. The band is certainly a rebellion against "modest & understated" music and performances by Oposium require each of it's members to be completely on the edge of their abilities.

* * * * *

Although Oposium prefer the guise and mystique of a rock band, for venues who would wish to book them, Oposium have written a short CV to prove that the band is made up of high calibre musicians...

Richard (aged 21) :: ... is not only lead guitarist, but also has achieved Grade 8 on both Piano and Theory of Music (ABRSM) respectively. Richard is also a classically trained tenor, can play drums and bass to a high performance standard and produces & engineers the Oposium tracks in his own advanced project studio.

Sam "keys" (aged 21):: ... is the ultimate guru of the piano & organ. Blessed with perfect pitch, Sam is currently reading Music at Christ College, Cambridge where he is also junior organ scholar. Sam has worked for a year as organ scholar in Salisbury Cathedral, has achieved a diploma in organ skills for which he required Grade 8 with distinction and is a fellow at the Royal College of Organists (ARCO).

The Hottease (aged 21) :: ... is not only a hugely talented drummer and percussionist, but also has achieved Grade 7 (Guildhall) on the piano demonstrating his abilities as a musical-allrounder - with a personality to match!

Sammy (aged 20) :: ... has demonstrated his committment to music by consistently playing outside of Oposium in his church worship band twice weekly for the last four years. Other performances include opening the Conservative Party Conference at the Bournemouth International Centre in 2006.


Behind The Rain

Written By: Oposium

As I stare into the morning sun
Recalling times now past and gone
Do you remember how you used to nurture me?

Just as I began to fly
Unfold into a distant sky
You held me back
You held my hand
You showed me there was no way down

You saw me crumble,
Saw me fall
You saw me crack up there in spite of it all
But you ran with me still
Even though my free will
Took me places I never should be

A storm is waking
Begining, breaking

There's only so much I can take
So many times this heart can break
Nothing real is left to ache
You broke the wings I never knew I had


Behind The Rain

Set List

Enough original material to cover up to 2 hours.