Opportunity School

Opportunity School


Catchy, melodic pop songs that make you stop what you're doing and listen. The music is influenced by rock, pop, and folksy traditions. The lyrics tell stories, and are laden with love, politics, history, legend and broken hearts.


This band was formed on a bet. A challenge between Mary and Rolando as to who could write better songs. After many a duel, mano a mano at a cafe in Oak Park, IL, the two came to like each other's music and formed a band. The immediately recruited Gary from the cafe kitchen staff to play bass -- nevermind that he'd never played bass before. After working with several drummers, the band eventually settled on Janis Sayer whose style and level of experience fit the band to a tee.


Rolando and Mary previously released an EP under their former name: The Expatriates. The band is currently set to release their first, full length CD titled It Wasn't Really Me

Set List

Set usually runs 40-45 minutes.

1. Lost & Found
2. Forgetting Something
3. The Ballad of Retro Duro
4. Moonshine
5. Born Down Here
6. Planet Gun
7. Still, I Feel Nothing
8. Say Goodbye
9. Without You
10. The Name of the Song
11. Wicker Park