Oppositez Attract

Oppositez Attract

 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Music is Our Life and Our Talents Are What Makes Us Who We Are Today Whether or Not Anybody Likes Them Or Not Cause In The End It's Up to You to Make Your Destiny Come True. We Claim Our Voices and Heart to Be Our Biggest Instruments In What We Do.


Oppositez Attract, an 15 year-old trio of talented and creative girls, Lexus & Legit & Leica for the small city of Fairfax, have been trying and determined to make it a inch closer to their dream of becoming international superstars. With unique voices that cannot be compared they have come a long way- these girls aren't no strangers or scared to go up on stage. They are unique and bodacious superstars who are to highlight their fame. Oppositez Attract refuses to let anything or anyone stop them for their dreams and determination.

Since the day, this trio of friends could speak and walk they've dreamed, hoped, and knew they were destined to stardom. Blessed with not only the talent of singing, they have the ability to write/co-write their own material and the dance skills with the precision of Chris Brown and Ciara and rap skills of Lil Wayne and the infamous, Nicki Minaj.

In Oppositez Attract, each of them is embodied with a unique yet amazing voice that shows their love for Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Rock. The vocal performance of the dynamic trio is incorporated with the strength, versatility, and uniqueness that every band should possess. The trio harmonizes with passion and beauty that creates a original, fresh but yet unique sound like the collaborations of many instruments. Their voices just captures the ears of even the most skeptical people.

Oppositez Attract- is here and we are ready to take on anything that comes our way.


Demo CD

"Rescue Me" & "Down With Me" are currently being recorded in the studio and soon to be playing on WPGC 95.5

Please contact manager(s), Crystal M. & Nilda F.--- oppositezattract@yahoo.com for bookings or further inquires.

Email: oppositezattract@yahoo.com or oppositezattractmusik@myspace.com

Set List

We typically sing our own original songs, that we've wrote, but their are times where we perform cover songs from other artists.

Original Songs:
1) Rescue Me
2) Down For Me

We may change up the songs based periodically but it also depends on the venue were performing at.

Performances/Shows Range From 15-30 mins, it depends on the events schedule and needs at that time.