Oppositez Attract
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Oppositez Attract

Fairfax, Virginia, United States

Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Band R&B Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Demo CD


1) Across the Room
2) Rescue Me
3) Hold You Down

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"Oppositez Attract", the new-electrifying and hair-raising combination of four beautiful and fabulous girls, has risen and is ready to take over the world with their spunk, spark, shine, and extreme uniqueness.

The name "Oppositez Attract" may have a question in your head as in why but it's meaning is the real deal. The quad of girls wanted to have a name with meaning and something that explains all of them in a way most people can't explain. With this in mind, it took a thought process and the name came across to them as what we say PERFECT.

"Oppositez Attract" expresses how truthful the saying really is because these four girls aren't the same in any shape, figure, size, or form they are different in their own way depending on mood, feeling, day, background, and etc. But the key is no matter how different they are, they still manage to unify and combine their differences and they still dominate what they do and get along with each other. So with those elements in mind, the name came along right behind them.

With their style,they will become known for not having just a one based style, they all excell in many styles like punk, emo, glam, preppy, nerdy, rebellious, wild, hip-hop, street, sporty, army based, patriotic, and the many others to follow.

Most groups are talented in one way. This group right here is far more than a triple threat, so beware. Not only can the quad sing but they have dance skills with the precision of Chris Brown and Ciara, can rap with the distinctness of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, write their own material and co write as well, and when I say they can dress, trust me honey they can dress to impress.

Can you say infini-threat?

Not to mention they will be giving you a run for your money when they bring you a mix of many genres including, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Latin, Rap, and Rock. With that, they will learn and collaborate the many dancing cultures around their world into their music to have a huge international impact.

The girls, with such talent as they possess, have their own individual aura about them and I know you wonder what it is.

Lexie, the mixed babe of Black and Puerto Rican uses the star to represent the hope she has in herself and the group she is the soul of the group, she is the personality that keeps the group going. She may be the shyest of the three but she's calm, cool, and collective one. Her voice is what we like to call the 'bird' because she has a soft voice, that is not high but not low either it's in between it gives her this mild tone of an alto which creates a unique tone. Like the Aries she is, she's is the commander of thought and action and whatever she puts her mind too she gets it done. With the influences of Usher, Trey Songz, Reign, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce she has come to her decision of making her dream an success and with qualities such as her's she what we'd like to call the one and only superstar. Known as the "Sugar" to the group!

Legit, the one of a kind chica of Black, Puerto Rican, American Indian, and Japanese decent, this babe makes you want to know what she's all about. A Crown/Tiara is used to represent her determination and authority within herself, as well as the inner Diva represented. As heart of the group, she's what makes the group keep moving and go after what they want. They don't call her wild for nothing, cause she's the wild, outgoing, & fun one, she expresses herself no matter what and she's someone that somewhat of a surprise. Her voice is what we call the "butterfly" because its changes with the songs or feelings she may have and makes a different pitch or tone. Like a Virgo she is, she's the creative and lovely one who comes up with ideas and gets along with others in return. With influences such as, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Reign, Rihanna, and Chris Brown, she takes things she likes from them and acquires them into herself to invent who she is cause she's headed for international stardom. Known as the "Spice" to the group!

Leica, the third but not least sweetheart of Black and Filipino race is mostly what we'd call the lover because the confidence she brings to the table. Popularly known by her kisses, she's what we'd call the flirtatious, fun, and lovely one of the other members. Mind's say a lot about one another and trust me this gal's mind is always running, cause she's the mind of the group she is the thought and emotion that helps the group get through things with her keen sense of knowledge. With her wild and shy said, we call her the babe in the middle because she is a little bit of everything when it comes down to it. Her voice is what we call the "lion" because it just has so much variety to it and it so bold and lively for others to hear that it makes her have a high pitch of voice but yet strong. Like a Libra, she is the sense of communication, she is the one who talks her way into bigger things and very social with everyone she talks too. With influences like Beyonce, Alicia