the oprph-onic omputer oscillator

the oprph-onic omputer oscillator


the oprph-onic omputer oscillator is comitted to integrating the excitement of electronic rythms, and soundscapes and with the richness of the human experience. An absence of vocals is compensated by hyperreal melodies, atmospheres and songwritting/story-telling.


oprph-onic: a short biography

The oprph-onic-omputer-oscillator, (oprph-onic), is a post-electronic/ambient music project. Building upon the structures left behind by the Spirograph Versificometer (1994- 1996), the project’s creators (Jeff and Joel Eves) have used electronic tools to produce organically inspired soundscapes and melody-driven songs. Although their 1997 debut album paid significant tribute to the minimalist origins of electronic music, it can now be regarded as the first step in oprph-onic’s journey. Their new album, “This Whole Planet”(2004), is far more liberal in terms of its musical influences and atmospheric scope. From melodic compositions to loosely structured ambience, to mechanical rhythms, each track on the album reflects a hopefulness and emotional qualities not common to electronic music. The hope in oprph-onic’s music parallels Jeff and Joel’s own aspirations concerning the project’s future. They continue to work on new compositions while looking forward to live venues in the summer.


- the spirograph versificometer (self-titled) 1995
- oprph-onic (self-titled album): 1997
- oprph-onic: this whole planet: 2004
- oprph-onic: upcoming release (summer 2009?)

Set List

Due to the nature of electronic music, setlists and the songs themselves are versatile and can be custome-designed for specific venues and audiences.