BandEDMAdult Contemporary

An electric fusion of dance and rock bundled into one big optamystic bundle.



Local Glastonbury band Optamystic who released their d├ębut single this week have been approached by 3 TV stations and an Industry A&R showcase,not to mention numerous radio requests and interviews up and down the country.

Matt Fellows and Emma Nagle are off to film a documentary about their life and music with RED TV this week and that's only the tip of the ice berg. They then have an interview with soundspace TV and also have been invited to perform at an A&R industry showcase in April.
If you can't wait that long you can catch them being interviewed by BBC Somerset sound on the 7th march. The drive time show will feature them and then they will be talking to Jo Philips on the following Monday morning.

To order your copy of the tracks please text OPTA to 82822