Optimal Frequency

Optimal Frequency


Radio friendly modern rock with hip hop, reggae, and indie undertones.


Optimal Frequency was formed in 2003 when three friends from Littleton, CO dropped out of college to pursue musical aspirations. The music was first born out of a mutual love for the band 311, which is evident still to this day in the band's sound. (((OF)) has grown musically over time through self discovery and sonic curiosity. The musical bar was raised in 2005 when (((OF))) traveled to NYC to record with long time heroes Shootyz Groove and their Lab Atomix production company. In one month (((OF))) recorded their debut album, Photosynthesis, a ten song LP that has gained them airplay and streaming in Denver and other markets as far and wide as the UK. Today Optimal Frequency is known around Denver and the Southwest as a high-energy live act that gets the crowd involved no matter the mood or the venue.


Photosynthesis, 2006 self released LP

Numerous tracks, but primarily "Rock Me," have been played on Denver radio station channel 93.3, and KCUV in Ft. Collins. We also receive frequent play on a UK based internet radio station. We were also the featured band of the month on Bebo.com.

Set List

We have 20 or so originals, we have played upwards of 3 hours straight, but normally play a 20 song set when we headline, with a few covers such as Psycho Killer (Talking Heads), Can't Stand Losing You (the Police), Beautiful Disaster (311), In the Meantime (Spacehog).

Sets usually start out hard rocking, reggae in the middle and end on a sing along rocking note.