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We released one presingle to Radio in November December of 2005. "Pot of Rain"/"On The Grind" and so far have been played on WCDA, Lexington Ky, WVYB, Daytona Beach Fl, KDLD, Los Angeles, KSII, El Paso Tx, WJSE, Atlantic City nj, KFTE, Lafayette La, WWDC, Washington DC, WFXH, Savannah Georgia, Powr 104, Oahu Hawaii, INDI103.1, Los Angeles.
Were still getting radio play but were waiting until May to resume our Radio Promotions campaign.
Were scheduled to release our album around August 13th and were already releasing an EP of extra songs available any minute online.



Biography of Opto according to Jay Money:
It all started with the birth of Optimus. Jordan Christopher Towers was born..... (Contrary to some beliefs), on the same unspecified year as me, and shortly there after grew into a miniature sized Antichrist of a man. His path from Homely child to MC of the millenium is filled with cliches and is not important enough to make fun of, but for the sake of the music, I will. His Grandmother and father were both successful Actors in Hollywood and somehow, some way, he still managed to live the trashiest, edgiest childhood a foul toothed boy could possibly want. He developed emotional problems so early that his mom hired a shrink to breast feed him, and had it not been for his dad and sister, Optos Mom probably would have eaten him in the first two years of life. Opto grew up in the Valley and gravitated towards music from an early age. He had a natural rhythmic ability, could dance, sing, and eventually picked up a unique rhyming style. A hybrid of Nas and Q-tip, with the delivery and command of Cannibus and Tupac, his flow can flip-flop from swaying with the music to chopping and whipping the beat. He literally spits fire. He cultivated a mythic underground status in the Valley and founded underground groups like "Third Eye Convention", "Dilligaf", and more then a few others. When Dilligaf broke up, he signed a deal with DJ Lethal,(Limpbiskit, House of Pain), and recorded an album with two other Mcs called "The Knockouts". The Bands hard image and "Street" sort of attitude reflected a darker side of Opto that he didn't necessarily agree with, but the music was dope and the project had wings. Opto was building support in the Industry and befriended me about that time. He wanted to go a new direction and was really feeling some new stuff I was working on. His friend and previous manager, Cl Lee, was still a friend of both of ours and around this time he found some funding to start a label. He and Jimmy Yun founded the label in 2005 and hired me, Jay Money, to produce the music. I consciously deviated away from hip-hop so that I could carve out Optos unique identity. He writes cleverly and concisely sometimes, but mostly channels and receives his lyrics. He feels and writes from a variety of perspectives so you cant
really nail him to a style. He can sound like a full blood Jamaican MC or he can sound like a rock singer. He enjoys and pulls off anything that Ive seen put in front of him, so I wanted to challenge him to make a really freaky record. The Whethaman sessions were the best time of my life, and if the record sounds like a party, well...
then that sounds about right. We made an Awesome record with all my friends, who are all named guys with big careers, and I still feel a great sense of pride about the album we did. It stands by itself in its diversity, tone and overall ability to surprise and enchant the listener. Its a throwback album, with a full album mentality, and covers every genre that Southern Cali can cover. The album is Sample-free and has Organic horns, strings and drums. A hybrid Hip Hop/Alternative rock record built for cross-over success, hopefully. Anyway its dope, and since then Ive put the youngest, hungriest, group of guys I know in his band and Produced a stage show that rivals Outkast and The peas. Its a circus for the eyes and a pleasure for the ears. Its a unique experience that can cover your full range of emotion. Opto can light up a room with his smile and style on his reggae song,"Nice and sweet". He can also make you bang your head, furrow your brow, and scrunch your nose, as you listen to the chip on his shoulder in his song, "Pot of Rain".
Its Hip-hop alright. But with vulnerability, severe ADD, and the ability to laugh at ourselves. In Optos words. ITS NOT A ROCK SHOW, ITS NOT A HIP HOP SHOW, ITS OPTO!!!!