Optimus is Primed

Optimus is Primed


We are Optimus is Primed. Synths. Guitars. Big Beats. Vocals. Lots of bass. We play dance music with elements of drum n bass and electro. It's all played with live instruments and topped off with a talented female vocalist. Our lives shows are best described as a non-stop party. We live to play live


Whats the Story?
Once upon a time there was an indie band. The vocalist and guitarist fell out of love with the other members and discovered the joys of synthesis and discovered that they had the talent to combine these 'new' sounds with old school guitar riffs, combining to make something not quite like anything else. The indie band split and what had started as a side project developed into a full blown band. Armed initially with nothing apart from a guitar, a few cheap effects pedals, a basic synth and a guitar pedal drum machine they began to play live. The shows were bundles of energy which whipped the audience into a dance fuelled frenzy. As the months passed they upgraded their equipment and soon they were perfroming with a much wider and upgraded asortment of instruments but with the same initial energy that they had begun with. It was around this time they discovered a talented girl who offered to guest star on a few tricks. She never left and became the third member. This brings us up to the modern day. Although many attempts have been made to record the band, they still shine the strongest when onstage.

What sets us apart from other bands?
I'd say it was our live show. Many artists would use computers in order to achieve our sound yet we go against this. The only part of our music which is not played live is the drum, but they are still controlled and altered on stage. Another thing that sets us apart from other bands is the way in which we fuse the guitar and synth. The guitaring is raw and has been compared to the likes of Carlos Santana.

We do take influence from nearly every corner of music but heres a few artists we can directly name:
Crystal Castles (their live show is a huge influence on us)
Joe Satriani (his guitar style has guided us a lot)
Late of the Pier (the unconventialness is something we try to achieve)
Gary Numan (the pioneer that he is)
Radiohead (their lack of boundries inspires us)


we've had no official releases however we've released an EP off our own back. It recieved radio play on various local stations around Britain including Dundalk FM (unsigned band of the week) and WFM97.2 Manchester.

Set List

Our sets are very varied.
We can play typical half hour set lists or we can increase this up to a trance type hour+.
Our Songs include:
Blitz the Suberbs
Diamond Back
Electro Storm
Flickering Lights
Radio Autocracy
Through the Fumes

As well as our own material we remix peoples songs and play them live. Remixes we do include:
Dr Who (theme tune in DnB style)
Set the Fire to the Third Bar (Snow Patrol in an electro style)
On Call (Kings of Leon in a Big Beat, Bass Driven style)
Flux (Bloc Party but faster and more unrelenting)