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Moment of Truth LP (2006)



No one associates college with hip-hop. Optional 2 want to change that.

Optional 2

...are a hip-hop group that takes it back to move it forward: one DJ, one MC, and several messages make for a compelling alternative to modern popular music. No hype men. No weed carriers. Just two kids making the music they always wanted to. The band attends Goucher College in Maryland, USA and makes music because they love it.


...is a composer/producer/DJ from Houston, TX. In addition to playing piano, organ, bagpipes, turntables, guitar, bass, viola, and singing, he's also got a damn good ear. The beats for Optional 2 don't sound like anything else or everything else - they sound like hip-hop through the ears of a kid who didn't even listen to hip-hop as recently as 2003.

Thursday Knight

...is a songwriter/vocalist from Seattle, WA. After cutting his teeth in funk-rap-rock outfit F5 during his high school years, he joined Robespierre and two other Goucher students in forming a successful folk-pop group, New House Pins, during their freshman years. His writing comes from several perspectives, and his deliveries are equally diverse, coming from a kid who always loved hip-hop but wanted to move in a different direction.

Optional 2's live show, peppered with freestyles and impromptu back-and-forth, has consistently wowed audiences in a variety of venues since the band formed in 2005.