Staten Island, New York, USA
SoloHip Hop

Optometrist would be labeled in the genre of Hip Hop as a conscious emcee. His delivery and lyrical approach is full of substance and tenacity. Opt has unique flows and versatile concepts. If you're into the music of Kanye West, Common...Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, etc. than you'll feel ya boy Opt!!!


Straight from the 5th forgotten borough, Staten Island, NY (aka Shaolin), Optometrist is an upcoming artist and producer with an album set to blow and bring that Gatin Staten raw East Coast flava back into the hip-hop realm. Super Rhymes: The Pen & Pad Chronicles is complete with hard hittin’, head bangin rhythms combined with tenacious delivery and lyrics. Versatile in every form of the meaning, this album has party joints, battle joints, story joints, conscious joints and even a screw joint for heads to nod to. Opt has a strong sense of entrepreneurial values and continues to add on to his resume. He has financed his album and performed at showcases in some of NYC's finest clubs and venues creating a consistent buzz for himself.
Some highlights include performances at the Victory 2005 NJ with multi-platinum Grammy winning artist Mya, and at The 10th Annual Fordham Road Renaissance Festival in the Mecca of hip-hop, the Boogie Down Bronx. At the age of 16 he won the grand prize at The Shaolin Showdown Showcase with a group that he co-founded called The Surgeons. Born and raised in Staten Island, he represents this borough to the fullest and he is poised at bringing the “Golden Era” style of hip-hop back to the mic.


SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad Chronicles is Optometrist's debut album. The self titled track, "Super Rhymes" is the single and the video has been getting hits on www.youtube.com/optvideos and has been on the TOP 10 on www.ourstage.com. Opt is about to have a tour for the release of his mixtape album (WHOZ YA FAVORITE EMCEE?!). He is also simultaneously working on the sophomore album (THE R.A.P: Rip it Always Proper) COMING SOON!!!

Set List

Optometrist has done sets that ranged from one song 3-5 min. sets, to eight songs 20-45 min sets. The songs that are performed are as follows:

02. Super Rhymes (SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad...)
03. We Live Here feat. Psyclonus (SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad...)
04. It's All About (SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad...)
05. Wit It (SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad...)
06. Freak Now (SUPER RHYMES: The Pen & Pad...)
07. Dayz of Thunda feat. Omin Child (WHOZ YA FAVORITE EMCEE?!)
08. Outta My Head feat. Amo1(WHOZ YA FAVORITE EMCEE?!)
09. ANS: All Nite Status feat. Coole High (WHOZ YA FAVORITE EMCEE?!)
10. New Krush Groove feat. Psyclonus & Omin Child (WHOZ YA FAVORITE EMCEE?!)

Opt does not do covers but will perform over a well known industry beat (ex: Jay Z, 50 Cent, Dr Dre) with his own lyrics to get the audience hype off of a familiar track