Optophonic Orchestra

Optophonic Orchestra


It's made up of musicians of all shapes and sizes-- all Panamanian, by design who love music.


The sound is experimental chamber music arrangements with an alternative folk rock edge--. Everyone comes from a very different background-- some have intense technical training as members of the Panamanian Symphonic Orchestra, while others also have a salsa background. The rest of the band fuses a rock n roll vibe with different elements including jazz and latin music. We are a new band who came together to play the score for an original theatrical work called Strangely Familiar in Panama. The sound is huge and it feels like a throw back to the old magazine productions before TV, or even the big bands of the 1920's and 30's...



Written By: Krista Quinn

Las almas existen
fantasmas que viven
volando amor.
They circle our heads now
fly into windows
and pulse on the ground.

que naces y naces
dia tras dia
year after year
decir amado no es suficiente
e visto el fuego hacerte
como nuevo
como la tierra existe en el
en silencio.

Oh there's coma in light
and there's coma in night
i try to hide
but they shine...

all the time.


We have released one single for radio air play in Panama City called "Virgil's Lament"

Set List

1) Pa de Deux
2) Something Better
3) Patrulla Song
4) Piano Optophonie
5) Ballad of Sickle Celled Kingdoms
6) Orchestra in the Sky
7) Song 3
8) Virgil's Lament
9) Night Songs
10) Virgil at the Window
11) Model SX
12) Tonight
13) Almas
14) Midnight