OPT The Game Hustler

OPT The Game Hustler

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My music is like a New Age Rap it has a hard sound to it, but also a classic fun sound too. I am often compared to Jay-z or TI , because I am more hip hop then hardcore rap which is needed back in music today. I can rap about anything in life my sound is universal.


Born and raise in Ypsilanti, MI, OPT The Game Hustler always gives his best performance every time he hits the stage. OPT's smooth vocal tone, and laid back dance moves is sure to put you in a trans everytime. His debut album O.T.G.H is sure to please hungry hip hop heads all over the nation. OPT's first two singles "Poppin" and "Reloaded" have already started brewing up a street buzz for this young talented rapper. At the age of 23, OPT has already done many open mic shows , and hip hop showcases, and is regularly getting book for shows between the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. OPT's myspace web page is also getting a bigger buzz with over one hundred hits a day. OPT began rapping at the age of 15. He later joined a couple of high school buddies to form a group called "Wild Child". After two years of struggling and a lot of personality conflicts OPT eventually decide to go his own way. During his second year of college he met up with r&b artist/ songwriter Lynn Copeland who was starting his own record indie label called Westgrand Records. In the fall of 2004 OPT signed to Westgrand Records were he began to work on his debut album O.T.G.H. "This has been a long process" says OPT "but I undersand this is also a waiting game." His debut album is set for release in July of 2006, and will be digitally distributed by Select O' Hits which is home to some past hip hop stars such as Three 6 Mafia, MJG AND Eightball (just to name a few). Opt is in the works of planning his tour with up and coming West Coast Hip Hop Magazine Gutta World. He has already begun working on his second album. You can read about OPT in the july issue of Mic Magazine New York, and Real Detroit Weekly


"O.T.G.H" 13 SONG CD, Set for realease in July 2006 on Westgrand Records/Select O' Hits

Set List

My sets are about ten mintunes long, and I do about two or three songs a show. I don't do covers I only do oringnal songs. I can do R&B just as well as Rap.