Optymus Blu

Optymus Blu


Optymus Blu is a Hard Rock Band from Atlanta, Georgia with an edge that is created and adapted to fit the modern rock movement! If your looking to get a great rock show this is the band you need to see!


Optymus Blu is a band from Atlanta Georgia playing hard rock music with a radio friendly vibe that is marketable to all. From the hard edged guitar fills to the melodic vocals this band has a unique sound that is sure to catch the rock listeners attention.

Optymus Blu began forming in 1998 when Travis Wynes and Nicholaus Sebastian met at a local venue in Atlanta and started writing guitar tracks together. They both knew in their minds what sound they were looking for however struggled to find a drummer and bass player to create the sound that the music needed. Then in 2004 Josh Cranford started playing drums for the band. Josh’s high expectations of high energy rock music was exactly what Optymus Blu needed. In 2005 the band recorded an album together (Optymus Blu-self titled). Upon completing the recording of this album, the three was introduced to a well known local musician named Derek Zebertas. They knew with Derek’s hard pumping bass style he would be the perfect addition to the band.After hearing the freshly recorded album Derek happily accepted the offer to join the band. Now the quartet is ready to give listeners a good blend of music that only comes from life experiences. Filled with lyrics that will positively move the people in the new rock generation, and backed by music that is edged to fit the modern rock movement. Optymus Blu has now released to the public their full length self titled album as of the first of the year 2006.


Optymus Blu-Self Titled debut album
This album features Mr. Hill as heard on 99x
and 1053 The Buzz

Set List

Our set includes,
Mr Hill
Endless Years
Recover From Me
Dos Anyos
Left Behind
The Keeping
The Fall
The Misfits-Last Caress